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Is designated world mental Health Day in komo's Carleen Johnson. Introduces us to a Canadian nurse and author who's sharing her own struggle with a lifetime of depression, the hope of bringing light into the darkness escaping. The rabbit hole is. The name of Tracy max fields book, a compilation of blog entries illustrations and journaling that she did during six dark months starting in two thousand fifteen when she fell into a deeply depressive episode your God, I pray take the pain away. I pray. I don't wake up tomorrow. Max field has battled episodes of depression much of her life, but the rabbit hole as she vividly describes falling down was deeper darker. She took immediate medical leave from her nursing job. And she read voraciously during that time. She also sought help. But depression, often doesn't look like suffering to those on the outside. Would go and talk colleges. And I, you know, I am literally screaming and crying for help. And then looking at me going, but. She describes the physical feeling of being encased in cement, sometimes her brain hurting suffocating. She said it felt like her psychologist said write it down tell others. What you're feeling if you're okay kicked the blog because you really keeping a small understand an insight into how depression is she would often describe the roller coaster hour by hour sometimes minute by minute. You could actually feel good enough to go for a bike ride. But within the few hours later, you were staring out a pilot Powell, she tells me that the healing began when she started forcing herself into daily routines, ending it by being grateful one gratitude at the end of the day, and that actually started to change my perspective did take medication and a great deal of time and fair be to get out of that dark hole, and she fears. She says that it could happen again sharing painfully real about her mental. Illness though is giving her a passion to help young people so many teens, deeply depressed suicidal. Her message for them. You're not alone. This is horrible. And scary, but it is normal. And it was I wanted to kind of. It can get that up because I did. And I never thought I would. Over three years later. Seizes me that I made it because it was the most breaking hairy. Escaping. The rabbit hole is the name of the book and max field says for those suffering. She wants them to hang onto those moments of light keep experienced one good moment. Jim, no, more will come. Carleen johnson. Komo news. Your money at twenty and fifty past the hour on KOMO news. Now, your KOMO propel insurance money update. From ABC news Wall Street now what goes up eventually comes down.

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