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Now lane Berman and Michael Riedel morning everyone on Wednesday yesterday towards the end of the show we had a wonderful conversation Michael with cardinal Dolan really a source of comfort so some wisdom from from the cardinal we're gonna replay that interview coming up in about six forty I thought I thought he was just tremendous yes they Michael he was terrific absolute drive and I've never spoken the cardinal before but he sounds like a regular guy you know you think we talk about someone wearing all those robes and you know all those of a gold stuff and all that stuff that they have there at the archdiocese you think of somebody is going to be very serious and sort of above it all but he sounds like a guy get a beer with around the corner of the pub when it when it opens he is the one time I met him was at the ballpark if he gave in the Hey Carl how you do it you know he we had a beer in his hand and he was enjoying the game they also funny because I introduced him as Natalie instructed me to you must call in his eminence but he's right he doesn't sound like anybody who would be named his eminence now comes across as a good guy we have you coming up for you and we have to say we got to give that to Natalie because Natalie was on top of that and she's the one who got the cardinal for so Natalie can you get the pope tomorrow sure what I'm asking but a bass got it is that is that would be kudos to Natalie for getting us you know cardinal Dolan and and on we go we have got a congressman Peter king coming up later this morning and a and a whole bunch of guests coming your way but Hey I before we went to break you wanted to contrast Joe Biden and Andrew Cuomo right all right so I did here's some slack well let me set it up here because there's a lot of you know chatter behind the scenes that of Biden can go the distance as they say in the movie Hercules and if you know the needs more oxygen any falls by the wayside someone's got to step in to run against trump and people are looking at Andrew Cuomo thinking this could be the guy well here's by yesterday he was on with Jake tapper how did he sound for the next round of primaries including I have not talked to any individual I mean I have to cough into your elbow I don't know Sir as I learned that actually covering your White House actually that actually that's true but fortunately I'm alone in my home but that's okay well that's a pretty solid Noam did you hear that I mean is there any dome I gotta ask is only half do you think Joe Biden is ultimately going to be the nominee of the Democratic Party now said it goes the distance there's no way he goes that he can't he can't go especially with everything going on in the world this the corona viruses killed his campaign and Alcorn was the only thing that can rescue the Democrats I think well well well let's play some probably think you sounds all stronger here he what am I going to do with four hundred ventilators when I need thirty thousand you pick the twenty six thousand people who are going to die because you only sent four hundred ventilators he says a little hysterical.

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