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This seems like it's someone who got a job but maybe didn't know what interviewing people is like and also is just basically basically obsessed with a soundbite right all of the questions feel like just something you can fit into a tweet that would say something about troy savan that we can quote back to each other because he asked a straight man man if he likes the rock movies and you know like it. Just i don't know the line of questions. We'll do wayne johnson trying to get away from the rack. Yes <hes> i mean there is something to be said about. The fact that troy apparently did have a tweet that he deleted once when bloom came out <hes> he wrote like hashtag bops about bottoming <hes> aw but he deleted it <hes> i mean and the song is right. Take a trip into by guarded. Whatever it's about taking it sounds like it so it could what a nice way to say it colorfully artistic way to paint that picture bloom or route yeah <music>. I'm jack. I'm a harried guard. I just want everybody to have a good time off. Ah but there's something very different ed him having fun on social media then you know the professionalism that you would expect from an interview and also oh by the way there's still a way to have a productive conversation about explicitly bottoming that isn't just i need you to reveal something about yourself for my readers right. <hes> and i think it's also if you pick the right celebrity for that. If it's someone who is ben frank about sexual positions or whatever it's it's a part of their dogma than shore. Ask them that but just a pop star interviewing them. It depends because i don't think that people would ask like no one's asked that's like little kim and trina you know like the female rappers cardi b. Everything music bit a lot of places the and she's even been with a lot of different races different races watches break disappears in her mouth but but no one's asking her to elaborate on that no one's asking her to go into detail right. That's the point. I'm trying to make an interview. It reminds me of when nikki moniz was on watch. What happens live it great. Andy cohen asked her about andy peop- some question about whether she thought someone gave him a look back in titus so yes so inclusion i just feel like like the idea that the lines have been blurred so much on social media but tweed sort of who can write about culture and the way we talk about it with each other that there needs to be some sort of separation into corn when you're actually writing for an outlet on gate issue yeah right and just because it's not as taboo anymore to be a candidate horny thirsty person on twitter and that somehow that sometimes those tweets get picked up or you know. You may be applauded for writing those things that doesn't mean there <hes> it. It's journalistically astute way to start a conversation with the gay popstar. Yes sean if troy's savant had tweeted needed. I want shawn mendez to choke me right. Maybe then you can ask him about that. <hes> no anyone can wait for. Anyone interested me about me wanting a job because because sean i won't as doesn't like come out every like twice a year stating that he's not gay right. He's giving tons of interviews. I feel like this whole camila thing. Which i still think is a p._r. Thing but this whole thing is just why would you. I don't understand why you fan those flames after this guy has repeatedly it seems like like i said twice a year like hey. I'm not gay. I'm not gay like why rope him into this abusive. At this point borderline harassment <hes> i will say on the commune front a lot of people when you say that you think that relationship is a p._r..

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