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God kubo you how do you play here kubo move guilty as charged look i shouldn't be here it's a holiday good people are working on holiday on i i don't care about ever not letting people in that are pretending to be who aren't anymore it's a freeforall broke in your will cooper who you broken you will yep your lack of integrity i am great into you allowed three regular get on the air last nope you did so you allowed regular meeting now just with your admitting insubordination you're admitting his subordinates yesterday no i'm not you're not doing your job your job is you're the gatekeeper your muscle your the bouncer you're the one that determines who who gets on who gets off here real argue their real talker every every hour on the hour it's real talk yes primarily regret your problem i never never mind i'm while he's he's gonna throw a shot on i don't care if it was up to me i'd let you on a for the whole hour just driver stop stop will snuka carried away you see real talk coupes not in trouble 'cause he doesn't care so he gave you throw let's go to a dick in dayton hello dick in dayton is this real talk also find out it's memorial day gonna uncomfortable i am with that but it is a day of remembrance today to salute those out of every i wanted to salute my dad family from queen one oh it also served and god bless him for uh you come from a military family dick yeah yeah and for for the the music for my uncle tony and they get my uncle sam it is great your uncle is saying you're you're famous area american i knows our and so good it is so nice you know and i'm very thankful for rub you know a painful sure america for trump to this story in told my boss they hear me on park board early in the morning underpinned our that is right we will we love hearing from vic in dayton were big fans any gigs of the vivid getting banjo society do we have any gigs.

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