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Defense computing contract they all are either not commenting or saying this is a complicated issue Charlie harder colonials high bridge that carries thousands of cars into and out of a very busy neighborhood is about to close come was Ryan Harris tells us that means tricky traffic for more than a year. Avenue north bridge is due for replacement so the Seattle department of transportation will close it before the commute Monday morning and keep it closed about eighteen months stocks Adonis docks where it says a low heart is the way to get around it for local traffic and bosses only the buses the route seventy will be detoured along aloha street desk. on bikes can use aloha street and people who want to get to any of these businesses organizations down here can use aloha street but all other traffic we are strongly encouraging to use alternate routes around the closure a new signal aloha is part of the signal changes in the south lake union area meant to help during the closure in Seattle Ryan Harris como news come on it's time for thirty four. every ten minutes on the force to Romero speaking of traffic issues what we have going on well if you're trying to get across one of the lake bridges you will find both of them slow so I'm looking at the map westbound five twenty a slow from bell the weight of the water and so by a slight lead Westampton ninety I would choose that one over five twenty that is slow from just the west into Mercer island over to I five plus when you get over the I five on five twenty you have to contend with either going north or south on I five in both directions are backed up where they meet at five twenty there is an accident reported in Olympia that seems to be causing some trouble southbound I. five at post Pacific Avenue in the left lane I am seeing a slowdown from before Sleater Kinney all the way down to that in the mean time looking at your ferry schedules the wait at the Michael Teo ferry is two hours to head over to Clinton and then Edmunds has a one hour wait over to Kingston your next coming traffic at.

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