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As the driver though he winds up on the run from his employers across cologne on the highspeed autobahn oh sounds exciting all right i i would you want to get to were spurning actress kim basinger fifty shades darker suit for us so feeble tell us for the mummy laura a hattrick transformers goldie hawn on snatched and susan sarandon a bad moms christmas as far as our sofia brutal i don't know i mean i don't know what she was supposed to do she was the man and he supposed to do when aung its own talk swallow she talked because the mummy he it that she she becomes on riyadh animated elements so anyway they are house riveting dialogue goldie hawn the problem with the movie snatched in with with amy schumer the bob and she their malia as anything on this trip to costa rican they get involved with jersey is like a one off joke kennedy it is but i i would have saying goldie hawn defense they gave her nothing to work with here instead of a greener amy schumer got all the funny lines they really did give goal the anything to do issues like is here she did was you know sort of wine and complain as the protective mother and then i wasn't her fall they she had nothing to do okay sally but he doesn't deserve the nomination is what you're saying razzie ghani i wouldn't finally wurster actor donnees favorite human being darren aronovski is nominated for mother michael bay for transformers last night james fully fifty shades darker alex kertzman for the mummy and finally anthony lien itis for the emoji movie did you motani before we go to break because we've got to get to elizabeth recent thriller that the emoji movie was selected to be the first movie shown for a public screening in thirty five years in the country of saudi arabia who they chose the emoji movie i feel like that was a tactic to they don't have to show movies for another thirty five years i mean so those were the nominees for the annual razzie awards those will be giving a given out in february usually like the weekend before the oscars are righteous before so we have elizabeth reese with the dirt alert she is giving us all the latest from hollywood when we get back your my one seven one but before we go to break i.

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