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Almost a. I don't know it's almost seem self referential about what role he supposed to be. Playing as a figure in the world of hollywood fixer. Or is he someone who's actually getting shit done and loves movie also kinda uses the movie star and also the gravitas like george clooney characters are usually well the very often criminals but there are people who are on the right side right and they're going to bring they're going to restore moral order and they're going to they they neatly even if they're not doing the right things or they're breaking the law or whatever like you trust them because you trust him and you know this character kind of goes on a journey she find some of the right things but like the more there are no more arabs. Moral absolutes in this film. I mean well. There are a couple. The tilda swinton is on the wrong side of things. Great performance from her by the way. But the michael clayton character is is figuring things out and it's always cool to see a film kind of in conversation an accurate in conversational so developing new skills as a result. George clooney like most of his acting isn't talking its presence. It's facial expression it's it's control. It's kind of sitting there stillness. And it helps if he has like. Maybe the greatest script ever written and certainly the greatest dialogue ever read. God's own words as zach. Put it last night. But he also just is so comfortable in this dialogue and it's cool to see him doing that as well. I just this movie so good. It's definitely on the hall of fame. We gotta find another opportunity to talk about it. Maybe you'll get tony gilroy on something to celebrate this movie on an off year anniversary. I unfortunately for him. He just ran into the buzzsaw. Daniel of the best actor is this is that there will be blood year. This is the no country for old men year. Oh seven is just the absolute best. And he's terrific. And this and i don't think it would have been outside the realm of possibility that he would have won if not for l. Who you know is galactic. He eats all other actors. Two thousand seven again ocean's thirteen i like ocean's thirteen. I don't think this is like a standout clooney performance. Oh yeah agree. Two thousand eight leather heads. The less said about it. The better. Not a good movie and This is kind of where the the worm turns for clooney as a director. I think where. I think before this came out. I was like this could be real good. George clooney's gonna take a similar position. The clooney was once in..

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