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Dallas north tollway Park Lane right before northwest highway that crash blocks the left lane is heavy trinity mills and Dallas eastbound six thirty five at forest car-fires cleared in is improving in the backup from Preston. Also, southbound loop twelve from thirty five to thirty is running in about twenty seven minutes travel time, Jillian Rogers, let's get the latest right now starting with the situation in lake worth. Well, it was as best we could tell Azel avenue over eight twenty police had a major accident going there, and they weren't letting traffic through that doesn't sound very serious. But when you add up all this traffic that's going to stack up. It did have a bad domino effect there. So Azel avenue invoke boat club road are both very much backed up boat club Southall almost into that greenfield acres area. So that's going to be. Just south of ten mile bridge where you notice those delays, and then thirty five W, we've got construction south at spur to eighty that's got the exit blocked, and that's been a problem for folks in the main lanes slow from long avenue. Those toll lanes are definitely the way to go. And they probably will be until they get that cleared out of there. We had this situation on the Chisholm pro Parkway. It was a wreck at Montgomery, and it looks like it's still affecting the entrance ramp at least. But it's going to be slow as you come off by thirty heading home to Rowlett and Rockwall, really. I thirty has been behaving pretty nicely most of the day. But now the eastbound side of I thirty is slow between the Bush turnpike and Dowell rock reminder accident has been reported, but once you push past that over the rest of the lake Ray Hubbard bridge things look really good into Rockwall. It's a slot fast on northbound seventy five through Richardson right now really from forest all the way up to the push turnpike. It will be slow once you break into plano things. Look better. The southbound side of seventy five is stop and go from spring creek Parkway down to the. Bush turnpike at once you get past that point, then you're going along at a good pace through Richardson on the southbound side of seventy five I'm John little your next report at six eighteen and breaking traffic alerts when they happen..

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