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At 2 45 the Illinois Department of Public Health announced 954 new confirmed cases of Corona virus disease. This afternoon, the state So says 20 more people have died from it. South Africa's president has banned alcohol sales immediately to reduce trauma cases and free up some hospital beds for virus patients. South Africa is also reinstating a night curfew to reduce traffic accidents and made it mandatory for all residents to wear facemasks when in public At least 45 people have been shot across Chicago this weekend, leaving at least seven dead. Last weekend. 79 people were shot. Chicago Police have released images of the car used in the killing of 13 year old Maria Jones last month in the Austin neighborhood on the West Side, you can see photos at w BBM news radio dot com. Kolya BBM news time to 46. It's time now for Sports and Kevin Jack. What began as a potential breakout year for the youthful White Sox has become a free for all sprint to the finish line with the 60 game schedule. Although just 25 Nomar Mazara already has four major league seasons under his belt, the outfielder is looking to provide consistency in an unpredictable season by working with hitting coach Frank Monachino. The biggest thing is not to, you know, to try and stay calm and with my swing with my hands and saying all the movement so I've been doing Man. We've been doing a great job with the Sox were practicing today. Meanwhile, the Cubs are scrimmaging. With Jon Lester getting time on the hill. The Blackhawks appear to be set with their mini camp beginning tomorrow. That is in preparation for the play in Siri's Without Minton, which begins in August 1st To the MBA and LeBron James has opted out of wearing a social justice patch and his jersey with the league resumes on July 29th explaining he is already vocal about a social activism to golf and twice in a position to win with the mid range. But Justin Thomas falters in a three hole playoff, with column or a cow, winning the workday Charity Open. And finally, the soccer The fire next play the Seattle Sounders on Tuesday. And the Chicago Red Stars. Wrap up Group play the end WSL Challenge Cup.

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