Lucy, Vladimir Putin, Russia discussed on Up First - Tuesday, April 11th, 2017


Also pay attention afterward remember lucy and pointed out that there's a kind of goodwill bonus the tillerson gets but the past two presidents also tried to start off well and seemed to start off well with vladimir putin but each of them over time discovered that russia's vladimir putin saw his country's interests dramatically differently than the united states saw its interests in the world to asked i am here's losing kim he's our moscow correspondence he us via skype hey listen thanks for being with us this morning thank you and the medical stick with us for this next topic which is a little closer to home because it's still election season just what you wanted for some american off until around i i've been waiting for a little more because today kansas holds a special house election it's in one district in kansas to fill the seat of mike pompeo's now the cia director so this is just one to four hundred thirty five congressional seats but it's also a test of strength for the parties under a new president now in this heavily republican district ron estes faces a spirited challenge from democrat james thompson the president's approval rating of course is at historic lows but republicans hope he's popular enough in kansas that he can benefit his candidate by making the robocall on tuesday republican ron astor's need your vote and need your badly the conservative leader who is going to work with me can make america great again.

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