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Forgetting your cast off and punching doctor in the face tickets to the cubs game. This is where we're introduced, Chet, stead. Tumen k the rocket played by the legendary Gary Busey who's quite tame in this film. I appreciate it to state. It's a regular, Gary Busey, performance scenes. Nothing not since buddy Holly story. It's really kind of weird because I'm expecting them to freak out at any second. He doesn't do it. I mean, he's just kind of sad. Baseball. I the rocket no more though, and that's the thing. Dude, he seen the Kevin Costner movie your to. Yes. How to do this him doing Nolte I feel. Yeah, yeah, so much. So that for a number of years, I misremembered Gary Busey in this movie as Nick Nolte. He's wearing a fake moustache by the way, is that fake fake one stolen stash. We're all having fun here a little bit like Eric Cisco at that. I wish when I saw this kid because my parents are from Chicago so that we grew up as cubs people and seeing this visit visage visit. I was like, oh, did you see this theaters? Like five times? I saw this shit tone. I don't think I saw theaters. Either we had it on tape, did I think saw theaters really back before after you rub your dick on the refrigerator. After. Right around the time. Little pissed pig Yorkers, Gavin. All were by the ever fucking refrigerators do have you downloaded. We ate movies, episode rookie of the year who's gonna get gross, and it was gonna grows, fast dude, word on the street is when we talk about family films in particular is where it gets really disgusting care bears, too. So if you were underage, please stop the podcast. We already got their download. We don't. No, no, no, no, no. We with parental. Your parents. So he goes and like this. The cubs are bad because we're bad. You're a long time and obviously the curse and all that stuff, but of they're so bad that it's borrowing a lot from the beginning of major league here. Like there's no one in this day, which I feel is not correct because Chicago is a city of pride fuckers turned out for those games, no matter how terrible it was like a tourist attraction. You would go to league classic baseball drink all day. Yes, please. That is a tradition never been Wrigley actually. Oh, it's nice. Very nice. So good update their bathrooms. No tradition way. Way up above the stands. Eddie Bracken is playing the owner. Oh, right due to droves fucking home a little too other Daniels stern connection. Holy shit also great comedic actor from Preston Sturges movies, homeland, too. Sure. His cabin to turtle dove. He he hooked his buddies up then the game back together. Vacation. The park? Yeah, yeah. Okay. There's another home alone connection here or another owner. I was thinking of, so Daniel stern. Daniel stern. Do you think? Because maybe it's because John heard isn't home alone because they're shut brothers together, like who got cast. I got the other guy on there. I don't know. Here's the thing I remember Daniel stern wrote a very sweet note. We heard past chug buddies, and he meant he did mention, of course, lady mentioned that they never had any scenes together in home alone. And I think he's, he does say something. He didn't even know it was in the movie until it came out. Wow, God's will. Fate, the shut God, dude. That's what I pray to. Let's the only real long, hailed the Judd gut. Hey, john. I love that movie so much, but, hey, John, you houses all all alone. I'm going to break into it and he's just sweating. He's so disgusting in that movie. Awesome. Can shut your talk catch you, quick anecdote, please. So Chad, it's one of my all time fantasy tote maybe a Chuck dote dote the word. I'm a sucker for that movie because it's on location. Disgusting nineteen eighties New York City. Sure. And when I was serving Jerry duty recently, the courthouse was in Tribeca. The child was on trial. We gave them the death penalty. That was like by some chart locations. So we would break for lunch, and I would just like walk out to Flint arrest walkie. To walk up to sewed. John herds pan sick, and we need a little extra income over here. We movies, maybe we should do tour..

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