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They be good. That team was hanging in there being a play Campbell and just ham, basically when league Mont Ben really he played better, but he didn't. He didn't have a sophomore year out that I was hoping he would have here, Michael Kidd, Gilchrist is I guess a cool guy, but he's not nobody. He's a quality player, but that much more than that. And I'm not sure if he's the best fit for Kemba Walker type guy. No, Marvin Williams was more effective next to Cambodia than him. And then you, you draft the code as other he was allowed repick. I never saw a potential fan being an all star. You know, mouths bridges with a solid pick. And then you draft a PJ Washington, who I think would be good, if you still had a Kemba, but if you lose camp, I'm not sure if he's Washington is, you know, how effective he can be. I think I think that's what our shows great because me and you have such different opinions on a lot of stuff. Because when you're if you were front office, you're drafting for potential like this, you can maybe Sunday. I saw you know what my team right? Okay. The Hornets are. Crappy potential, so okay, let me I'm thinking history of drafting cody's hours, the fourth pick. Okay. Now that we're gonna cook onto the two thousand twenty twenty hindsight is telling y'all because I've been watching because basketball since I was seven years old. So these are the picks right out of them. Alex Len neurons in no will be macklemore can save. It's called poultry Burg, and then you get to CJ McCollum who end up being very good and the yacht as was fifteen. So this draft class on its own, was not good. That's fine. But a lot of a lot, a lot of these guys can play basketball and a lot of times when his NFL and NBA, especially because in MLB has minor league system, a lot of times the careers of these players go a certain way based on what they are drafted. You're one hundred per, so you look at a guy like you You wanna. wanna go back twenty thirty twenty thirty and you look at a guy like beta macklemore who went seven. He went to Sacramento at Thomas Robinson was the full fifth overall pick for them. They drafted Jim or what a lottery pig. That was the bad situation. Who knows if you put them next to Campbell would that could be? I would have one potential with that. Then call these other I told you I don't want to say, I told you I was saying when me and my almonds Watson is drafted. I even remember call my Cody Zeller four Cody is cool in college, but I mean Sheesh cody's were. Yeah, they're the worst draft and same in this decade. Right in front of the songs. But this new see that's why I hope that they break the car so PJ Wasser too, because we I automatically be like, oh, well, he's not going to be anything because he's playing for the Hornets and you know they got 'em MJ whose owns as not calling the shots, but he has a part in this. So I don't know the Hornets future. They're probably gonna be the worst thing that elite next year of Kemba Walker. And Jeremy lamb leaves, not probably they will be the worst thing in the league, I would guess unless you get a breakout from Dwayne bacon O'Malley mom, one of those guys step up with. You have to you have to lose half step up if you're If Kim..

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