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Good morning cap. I know one movie that's coming out this at the Harry Potter series. It doesn't end I have to take my daughter's this week. House either. Yeah. Well, I've seen all four of the first, you know, the ones that are out. Now, there's a new one coming out this weekend. So that's what you gotta do. When you have a ten year old tap your pass those day. Right. I have not seen any of those. But enjoy I've seen them in a rhythm to my kids. So I'm all over it. Anyway, you wanna talk some cubs, and Chris Brian or what? Yes. Because BUSTER is just getting destroyed by people on social media and everything I've read I reported, you know, four five six weeks ago that the cubs were at least willing to have the discussion with people wear in the past. There was it wasn't going to happen. But it doesn't mean they're going to trade him BUSTER took it to a different level and has talked to opposing GM's who have said. Yeah. Theon jed we're willing to discuss Kris Bryant. So now people are coming out fake news. You click, blah, blah, blah. So I'm going to open up the floor to Jesse who texted me. It's morning and said, I have things I want to say on this Jesse the life yours. Thank you. I I do campus. This was social media at its worst. It really was all this click based stuff, that's all garbage. None of us rights stuff for click bait. The one thing I will admit is we don't write the headlines, and sometimes we even have a problem with the headline. So I can accept that kind of criticism. But there is one part of this story that I want to reveal to me busters too much class to have to explain himself after thirty years in the business of reporting the guy is impeccable in terms of his of his work ethic. And and he's integrity. But I will because I was part of part of the story now destroy came out on Friday. Okay. The GM meetings ended on Thursday BUSTER. Call me Friday morning busters been working on this couple of weeks. In fact, he called me a couple of weeks before and said he was working on something like this. He called me Friday morning cap to say he was running and he asked as he should because. You know, I covered the beat every day. If I had anything to add now on Thursday is when field says that line about no one is untouchable BUSTER was ready to print. I gave him that line from field. And I gave him one from Chile Davis. Both of them are in the story. You understand the story at nothing to do with feels saying no-one untouchable. Everyone is thinking that. That's why foster wrote the story because he took a throwaway line by THEO a standard line by most GM's. Anyway, no one's untouchable. And he wrote a whole story around it. We'd is second paragraph. It's not a coincidence. He writes this the day after the GM meetings. He is talk to opposing teams and gotten the feeling idea whatever that they're more open to trading Chris or talking about it than ever before and asked the interest towards free agency. And I will tell you from my own reporting. I'm sure you agree. He is going to free agent. Almost hands down. This is three years out. I'm almost convinced of it. And so are opposing executives, and I think the cubs are sort of convinced of it. So this is when you start the conversation would end with a trade in a week. Of course, not well, then with a trade at the end of the winter, probably not could end with a trade at the end of next winter, maybe the winner after that much more possible, right? As we get closer to free agency. There's a better chance of him being moved. So they're starting these conversations. Now, the whole untouchable line just fix the narrative. What is still had come out and actually said Rizzo and Brian are untouchable. Well, then BUSTER probably asked to rethink his story little bit either one sort of steel in his mind that he was fibbing when he says that and believe the opposing executives or maybe he pauses says walk. He's going to say that publicly maybe they aren't willing to open it. So the untouchable line just adds to the story. The crux of the story or the sources. That BUSTER has which are impactful in my mind, he's talked opposing teams, and this is what they told them. And again, if the stories about Rizzo, it doesn't make much sense. So, you know, a lot of factors are involved in here what she wrote about service time. I mean, Brian is now part of the players reputation. He's gonna take some undercut deal as the rest of the cubs. With Scott Boris is his agent. He is going to free agency until further notice, and that is part of the story line as well. So I don't think people realize that they think BUSTER wrote the story because on Thursday THEO set. Nobody is untouchable feted nothing to do with him writing, it it just added to it. All right. So do you believe that by the time, we get through the thanksgiving holiday, and then they wrap it up and head to Vegas for the winter meetings. At the cubs will make some type of a. Jaw dropping, maybe is a little strong, but some type trae where people go, whoa, that's a big trade. Yeah. Impactful trade. I think I I can't tell you the timing. You'd never know. I think by the end of the off season, you know, I think yes. Maybe by the end of the winter meetings. We some of these traits percolate for months weeks, and months and months and in maybe in Bryant case, here's so I can't tell you the tiny. But I do think there'll be one impactful trade. I think it's been more than intimated. They don't have a lot of payroll flexibility. So the only way to get better is to make a trade or to so yes, I think so I I just don't know timing. And by the way, then after I finished my other point, that's the way after the story comes out some of our colleagues in the media, go running to steal for such a canned response anybody that believes everything that feels says come on please don't be that naive. And I say that about an executive who's very transparent who's very articulate. But what he? Said to some of the other media outlets. Please do not buy into that. He didn't say anything of importance there. And I will tell you something cap over the weekend. I talked to not one but two prominent ages and people in the game in general at the GM meetings, but two prominent agents of cubs players who are actually a little bit surprised by the rhetoric coming from deal in in the sense that he stopped backing his players enough. Because of the things he said, he's called the multiple millennials. He went is almost as far as the blame them for the firing of chili Davis. Chili davis. Right. You can't fire twenty five players. You have to fire the hitting coach. So I spent a lot of people think that THEO has been critical on and off the record about his team. So please don't tell me he's backing up or dismissing BUSTER story by what he said in response to that was low hanging fruit for some of our media colleagues, please that is being naive. If you believe all that stuff. I wanted to mention that. Well, that's the same. Thing that I dealt with when they announced, you know, when I said in my story six weeks ago that they'd approached him about an extension. The last several months that's a hundred percent accurate. And then there were others in our our industry now. That's not true. Yes. It is true. And it was a massive extension. And he just made it clear through Scott Boris. I'm not interested in talking about an extension, and that's part of the timeline. That's how we know. Or they think or we we all think he's more than likely going to free agent. So we know that three years out because it's almost like area, you're not even in the same ballpark. I don't wanna hear the same agent. We knew two to three years out area was going to free agency differences. Arrieta was almost more. Bulk was more vocal about it. Then correspondent will ever be. You know, crystal, you know, he's he's he's different in his demeanor in that way. But that was part of the story line. Now, the only I never disagree with you on that story. I think we disagreed on the time line a little bit. But that's the Mavericks is still big deal. Whether he target down in June or last January, it doesn't matter. He turned down big extension as all the young players sat, but obviously much smaller. I know bias turned down by five years and thirty five million. That's nothing compared to a couple of hundred million. So it's part of this timeline, which ends with foster writing the Speiss turning down big extensions. He's talking to a opposing executives in a different manner than they have in the past. Yes, everybody's conceivably available. But the conversation about Bryant started and stopped pretty quickly. Now, maybe it doesn't start and stop so quickly. That's the different stuff busters hearing. I'm not reporting that BUSTER is because he is better sources than any of us. Anybody listening in any of our media colleagues in in the city. So I will stand by that story. And reiterate it wasn't written. Because the untouchable quote by feel it was written before that any added that that day because I gave it to him. We're talking Jesse Rogers ever another couple of seconds Jesse. Do you think? Give me the odds. One to one hundred gimme the percentage chance. Kris Bryant is not a cubs uniform opening day twenty nineteen twenty nineteen one in a hundred that he's not one in one hundred that he's not twenty twenty. It goes up pick a number ten in one hundred twenty twenty one it goes up, maybe thirty percents. So I you know, I give it a one percent chance. But that's not what he wrote just to make it clear. He wrote their open to seriously listening, basically for the first time. So I don't think it's going to happen because you have little wiggle room. You can't add through through free agency. You lose Brian. How are you going to replace those numbers? But as you get a little bit closer to free agency. Well, then you have to you know, measured risk for ward. And all that stuff. You want to end up like the nationals. They didn't win anything and still lost Bryce Harper cups. Didn't win in seventeen and still lost Jake Arrieta. All you. I mean, if you're doing your due diligence cap you have to start. These conversations and think about it. But I don't I don't disagree with the along shop for not to be three years south. It's a launch. So I I I we're talking. I mean a year. You're right. The same thing. But with an even more intense tone to it because I'm sure the conversations would be more intense unless there's a change in Bryant endorses camp. And I will say this about Kris Bryant kept, you know, as well as I do you still joke about me, bringing them room service? I mean, he's the first guy I met on the cubs beat in two thousand thirteen in the in the folly. Great kid. There was a time when I thought okay, he's gonna run the show with Scott and say I want to be a Cup for life. Like, I was hoping that great family, right? I slowly. But surely, I've stopped taking that again, he became a player rep, which is great. But that that says he's involved in this whole thing. Right. Scott is running the show, and certainly will do what his client says. But I think you'd agree with the the idea of Chris going to Scott be Cup for like two three years ago. So maybe made sense. I I don't feel that. Now, what do you think? I don't disagree with you at. All right. I'm out of time. Gimme a thirty seconds. Is Jim Hickey is that gonna crystallize here any day, or where are we on that? Yes. Yes. Yes. I told you about Anthony I told you about you Mickey last week. It's going to happen. I think any day is the right right way to put it certainly a weaker at the most probably, but yes, Jim Nikki will be we'll be replaced. We mentioned that last week. I don't have any more details than that. I do think that they're not gonna go with the chili Davis pitching coaches. If you know what I'm saying veteran who I think they're going younger and a lot of ways to be able to talk to these quote, ultra millennials. So that's that's my guess on this thing, but we'll see we'll see. I'm have a good day you to capture the best to see it. There you go. Jesse Rogers with the latest there on the Kris Bryant stuff three one two three three two three seven seven six..

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