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You're with the briefing on, Monaco twenty four we continue next to Denmark, where social Democrats have on the country's election defeating. The outgoing center-right liberal party social democrat leader, Frederiksen took almost twenty six percent of the vote. Her party will fall. The minority government cooling, another smaller groups for support will join us now from all is Marcus Copenhagen correspondent, Michael booth could off into you. Michael, this was the way it seemed this was going to go. How did you great the result, a high Tom? Yeah. Well, I think what we're seeing is Demark doing the most Denmark ish thing and moving towards the center. The election has kind of given a an injection to the four main, centrist parties. We've seen the fringe parties absolutely collapse of the Danish, People's Party. Which you remember was one of the three main parties, the loss election. With over twenty percent of the vote, they've had the biggest fall in political history and down to eight point seven percent. But as you say. It's looking very likely that meta Frederickson is going to become the youngest ever prime minister of democracy. The second female prime minister democracies age forty one. The social Democrats actually fell a little bit back at this election. But that's the paradox of Danish politics as you say that nearly twenty six percent but that was down nearly half a percent. But because of the nature of coalition politics here, Hearn, three other leftist parties, look likely once they finished their horse, trading and visiting the Queen and not kind of stuff today. She looks likely to be the prime minister the other strange thing that did happen during the election is her arch-rival prime minister laws, looker Rasmusen that she reached out and suggested that his liberal party might form a coalition with the social Democrats, but that was largely rebuffed by the social Democrats, but the general tone is the main centrist parties looked likely to work together, even across the old red block divide. What one and that's interesting. Mark Lamont, I wanted to ask you about is whether the actual. Performance at the ballot box tells us anything more about that, that more nuance shift around the center, and some of the Matic's, because, of course, match Frederick tickly talking about immigration, which was more understand, to be the preserve of populist, nationalist, DeMarcus. It was elsewhere near pain blog. She's kind of stolen some ground there. Do we, can we get any sense from the early moves in terms of coalition building, how specific narrative will play out because she has unquestionably shifted towards the right on that issue in particular? Yes, he's absolutely shadowed, not just the liberal party, but the former partners in government, the Danish, People's Party. She shuttled pretty much every word in terms of tightening, those immigration policies, that is the main sticking point in negotiations that are happening now with her left bloc partners. Particularly the radical party radical liberal party, which very very well and increased its show the vote by modern eight and half percent. So they have a good. You may see a softening in the immigration policies of social Democrats. Maybe not that, that's up for grabs, but rare on the fall. Right. There was a lot of activity. We have an eccentric. Neo-fascist youtuber, who launched amid great fanfare, and completely and utterly failed to get anywhere and is not coming into parliament, but that didn't stop him getting a huge amount of coverage and then we also have a new far right? Party called new boiler, which means the new right who are now in parliament with four members of parliament. So it's not as clear up to we can't be celebrating the end of politics. It's just the landscape has shifted. So it's going to be interesting to see how that pans out. The other big news. Demos, foreign minister has completely failed to come into parliament this time lead of the economic liberal party. The liberal alliance alliance. Samuelson is out and has just stood down lead of that party says, still some pretty significant shifts, which will have ramifications that will have to go. I just want to ask you Mark briefly about something which which intrigues me 'cause you and I spoken on this and other programs about sort of social policy and social issues in democratise, striking Frederickson talked about putting welfare for st- and cheese. Add lots to say about welfare education children's future. I wonder sort of put it crudely..

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