Mr Mueller, Susan, House Intelligence Committee discussed on The John Batchelor Show


Jones sent waldman several other articles in one tax jones suggested a woman that is team how place a report with reuters about trump's real estate activities are team help with this jones wrote linking to the march seventeen twenty seventeen reuters article jones sent wallman several other news articles including one from mcclatchy alleging the fbi was investigating whether russian bots influence conservative media outlets like breitbart and info wars the same mcclatchy reporters who wrote that article also recently published a report alleging that special counsel robert muller's been provided with evidence supporting the still does he as allegation and goes on and on they're planning stories and proud of it they're funded by extremely wealthy left wing democrats mostly new york and california clooney the silicon valley they continue to press this narrative this is why i say the democrat party in the federal government many respects are one and the same thing they must have each other they must receive nutrition if you will political legal nutrition from each other they nourish each when somebody like trump wins the presidency or as a threat who might win the presidency they cannot tolerate it because that means the instrumentalities of government all this power are not completely in their hands even though the wrong with the bureaucracy and the courts and so forth pretty much they are so just to be abundantly clear the house intelligence committee report today says not a single witness that they interviewed provided any evidence of any collusion between trump and his campaign and the russians none and cnn has done an msnbc has none and the fbi has none mr mueller has none whatever he concocts committee investigations criminal investigations media investigations nothing nothing because the whole thing's a hoax all things are fraud there wasn't anything the opposition research was dressed up as intel used by the intelligence agencies used by the fbi to try and take down a candidate then they're trying to take down a presidentelect and now to try and take down the president of the united states i don't care what you think of trump or this issue or that issue that's not what we're talking about we're talking about something incredibly diabolical here susan conspiracy it's being laid out over and.

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