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They want to tell people. They want to tell people because the information is currency, it's fun. It's fun to be in the know. It's fun to kind of know what's going on. You know, I like having information about the NBA, you know? It's a fun thing to actually have access to. And in this world, it's the exact same thing. So there's no way to ever really control the information path on this because it's too much fun to know about it. So whenever we look at the exit and be like, okay, well it should have been done this way. Which way should it be done? I'm all ears. I'm open to any suggestion you have on the right way to handle an exit when you're talking about, in this case, a $100 million to go coach somewhere else. I don't know how it can be done to make everybody happy. Because if the coach ever told us he was totally open to going to bigger programs, then you alienate your fan base while also fucking up your current recruiting because if you don't get that next job, there was like this guy just said he might go somewhere else. He admitted it, it would all be used against him. We would all use it against these people. So I don't really know the better way of doing it. Now there are extremes, right? You've got the Todd gram situation where he went to pit for one year left went to Arizona state. That was in 2011. People destroyed Todd Graham. You want to know why I went back and read those stories because he sent a text message to everybody. Man, ten years later, that didn't even sound that bad. But you go one place one year, and then you bounce you go to Arizona state. Maybe it was a pit Arizona state thing. I don't know, but I remember being on the air when this was happening. Vampire and I were doing the show together and it was like just understood Todd Graham. This guy's the worst. At the other extreme, I think people will tell you that Matt rules handled it well. Whether it was from temple to Baylor or Baylor to the pros or maybe it was because people at temple were like, well, you got to go to Baylor and then maybe people at paler were like, well, he got to go to the NFL. And every time he made more and more money, I just don't really know which way it can be done the right way. But it's also college football's fault because they are selling us and have been for decades they've been selling as righteousness while hiding free labor. They've been selling us the emotional ties that is this better altruistic brand of entertainment when you could argue it's actually the most fucked up of any of the sports entertainment products that we consume. It is the most screwed up of all of them. So it's kind of college football's fault. You tell us you want these things to be important. You say student athlete, strategically instead of athlete student. You brag about graduation rates when you lose. You fought any compensation for players for decades. You finally gave in on the NIL because that way you don't have to share the money with them. We were on the freeze money thing last week because I couldn't believe that it wasn't even getting any attention. He went 7 and 5 at liberty and is now making over $4 million a year and nobody even says anything about it. This money is going to get crazier and crazier. People spend and I'll ask you this when you know you're about to make more money, a Christmas bonus, or more money next year or however, you're finances work. Don't you start to spend a little bit before. Now, some of you can say, I don't. Congrats to you. I think most people human natures, you start to spend the money you think or know you're going to get before you actually get it. I think there's another part of this where college football, as I've said, it has all this TV money coming in. So they're like, you know what? I'd rather pay a guy 11 or 12 than pay the wrong guy 7 and have to buy him out. And you still don't even know if you're right when you're paying the guy at 11 or 12. So this is all college football's fault on top of everything else because it's been branded as this thing that's beyond the money, right? It's this community, which I believe in some of the community stuff here too, but this is why I don't want any transfer restrictions. That's why I want the players to make every last dollar they can, and I want even more compensation going to players that play for revenue generating sports. So part of the angst and reaction to Brian Kelly is because it's like, wait, this is all bullshit. None of you guys care. And what I'm telling you is that it's always been bullshit and I've been kind of okay with it. I'm not even rooting for anyone. And what I think I'm doing here is I'm rooting for everyone while simultaneously not rooting for anyone. But I think the only thing I'm actually rooting for here is reality. Is whenever I see a story like this happening up, here we go. Everybody's going to get their pound of flesh for a guy who handled it basically the only way it can be handled and likely the way we would handle it if we were lucky.

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