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Ronnie, you're on the Ben Ferguson show. Go ahead. Hello. Hi, ronnie. I got you. Go ahead. Yes. Ronnie for some reason, you're having problems your phone. Let me go to Ted Ted, you're on the Ben Ferguson show. Hello, ted. How you doing today doing? Well. Okay. My my question is don't you have to register when you vote and wouldn't extra votes be more than what the registration is unless they had faults rep people ID registering or member you don't have to show an idea in Florida. So hey could just be a bunch of ballots randomly in a box. You say here we go. We I mean, how do you prove they did or didn't show up? It's Broward County for goodness sakes. Oh, I didn't know that they didn't have to register. I knew out here in Tennessee. We had to show our ID. Now, you have to you know, I mean, you could be registered to vote, but you don't have to show proof of the you are when you go to vote, but here at Tennessee we did. We had to show our right? You're voter, I voter, ID card, etc. Are your driver's license? And you're you told verify your address, I was just assuming that, you know, if they people checked in they had less people checking in and they had votes are ballots for then there would be a discrepancy that would be probably easier to track. Yeah. But if you change the discrepancy in your computers over a forty eight hour period than the discrepancy, isn't there? Well, yeah. But you'd have to put in fraudulent. ID's are people to make my point is this. Why why do you think there's forty eight hours later? They all of a sudden found this crap. Think about it. Take you take you forty. It would take you forty eight hours to pull this off. Right. And then you would be able to go through the recent ideas that they I mean the ballots they just found and then back check those ones to see if they were actually valid people that voted. In theory. Well, yeah, that's what everything works off of. I mean, I mean in theory. Yes. But I think that Broward County we have seen in the past where there has been significant voter fraud. I mean, she's even destroyed ballots and open the mail about that were coming in. Yes. And that is an issue that besides the issues that we are at. Yeah. They she shouldn't even have been. There is the first issue. Well, and why and why do you not let somebody have the access to just seeing the total numbers that came in unless you're deliberately trying to hide something, right? That's what I'm saying. So you go to the most recent ballots that they just found in the bath, you know, in the schoolroom closet, and you back check that information on those ballots to find out that they, you know, those names were just entered at what time of day, or you know, you you should be able to. I'm sure the government's gonna find ways to backtrack that. Yeah. Great point. Thank you, sir. Good to talk to you. Five three five nine seven three to five three five nine seven three two. Matt you're on the Ben Ferguson show. Hello haibin. Listen, man. We have a process. The election day was tasty. Find it after the election. It doesn't matter if they were democrat votes or Republican votes election day was over. Right or wrong in theory. I get your point. But if my let's let's say, let's say, and here's what I say. In theory. Let's just say hypothetically that somebody was dumb enough to take some ballots walking down a hall throw them in a closet. If they find them on Thursday, should my vote not be counted. Because somebody did that for whatever reason. If the real votes, then that's one thing. But if they're not real votes than I got up. We got a problem understand. But even if they're even if they're real votes. What if somebody finds the boxers votes next week? So you're saying whatever wasn't turned in on election day should not be counted. I had to take off work and go vote because that was my time allotted to vote. Right. So I want to make clear you're saying that if these votes did dispirit election day, you believe they should not be counted. I don't think I think any votes found after election day should not be counted. That's exactly what I'm saying. Any vote whether it's Republican or democrat. That's right. I mean, it's over..

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