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Dot com attorney Robert Tony sold very not guarantee times are tough and during these uncertain times I heart media is here to help with media plans of all budgets big or small to help get the word out Hey you are open and ready for business go top I hurt media dot com to learn more now that's I hurt media dot com I heart media is here for you that's W. W. W. dot I hurt media dot com I'm doctor Sonya angel director of the California department of public health and state public health officer in the fight against Kobe nineteen free confidential testing is key to protecting yourself and the health of those around you why if you test positive you'll have access to medical treatment regardless of your income or immigration status anyone you've been in close contact with can also access help together we can prevent the spread let's keep our communities healthy and on the path to re opening learn more about California connected echo the nineteen dot CA dot gov think of an institution most central to American life then the US postal service I'm Danny Glover and both my parents supposed to work the prices for the post office the postal workers are still risking their own health on the front lines because it's more than a job bill keeps us connected to business two community and to family join me in expressing gratitude to the men and women of the US postal service attention.

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