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Your nation in the house jld here and walk episodes seventeenhundred in sixty seven of eofire where i chat with entrepreneurs on fire seven days a week are you ready to turn your funnels on fire i have a free step by step course waiting for you fire nation at federal on fire dot com now shower today's featured guest tricia brooke tricia are you prepared to ignite i am so prepared yes tricia works in the entertainment industry in applies for expertise as he director and writer for fill television in theater to the art of big talks she's written to musicals a play a sitcom pilot a feature film and is the organizer of ted x lincoln square she also host the podcast the big talk on ideas tricia take a minute fill in some gaps from the intro and give us a little glimpse of your personal life awesome john well i am from missouri and moved to new york city many years ago to pursue a career in the performing arts and i've been so fortunate that i was the i've been able to do that and when i started out in the city i never wanted to wait table so that was when i started my own company my first company is over twenty six years old and i'd love it would his efforts company the first company i started isn't it's an inhome purcell training company called brooke moves and i send my trainers people's homes and we keep everybody happy and healthy and fit here in new york city while this going on now free said twenty six years yeah it's an able to me to have a career in the performing arts in an showbiz but also to give me the experience to start my new company the big talk while will you've had a lots of different ventures in your life you have quite the entrepreneurial journey which would we be getting into but first today tricia budi see your area of expertise 'as.

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