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Guadalajara. Rika courtesy that is of Andre Witkin. Those good years originally from Oakland, but now caused water the harbor home. Rochelle, Jordan next to you from the forthcoming play with the changes. Leah spirits with the My control, though heads in the sets that's in a duo, an Italian and a Canadian based in north Italy. Low heads were her Stop, Breathe, Relax, featuring chasing Curt, the baby Prince remix of that zone, Something brand new from NYU at the top, teaming up with Laura Lee from Kronk a bin. She's on the base for Not up for discussion. Bird here with you. What's KCRW Stay with us. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. I'm on all name on our to the point podcast who's most responsible for getting a handle on climate change the richest 1%. Of the planet's population produce 100 times more emissions than the poorest 50% of the planet's population. So, yes, we have to make enormous changes, but they don't involve the changes of most people on the planet. Climate change, The haves and the have nots tongue are to the point podcast. And you're listening to KCRW nonprofit public radio fueled and funded by members right here in Southern California. Just like Andrea from.

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