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Nothing could be more boring and I can't stand the ones they have in the newspaper, right? This is how we put together. I'm like, I wanna hear you. I wanna hear Michael. Barbaro do his, but he goes beyond the story. Right? So. It just works and the and the team there is so talented, that team of people who put that not just about there's a whole pack of people there that are just so good and tell a story and a great way. So I think that's our category consolidation categories each. All All right. right. In a way I was going to go business business lines. So the way we do things for people knew this show we decide what category the acquisition was was at people technology product business line asset or consolidation. And I mean, I was gonna go business line because for me, it's really like picking up a whole new PNL and running that PNL independently and hoping it expands, and you know, realizing synergies and saying that every episode now is pissing me off is a good, but you know, with with Walt going across and writing at at the verge, but as effectively, it's still its own business unit that you're buying for. Hopefully this feature cashflows. Yeah. Yeah, but it's other things. There's more things to it. Advertiser interest started his show right around the same time. You did. Right. You know, he came to me when he was starting at we had done ours. No, he did after quite. So there you go came and he said, right, should I do? And he wanted to interview like the deputy secretary of agriculture. I'm like, can you do some interesting people to Corey Booker? Yeah, like, yeah, bringing by bike kept saying Biden would be. Good, and he's like, well, I'm like, you Biton. He'd be like, people would love to hear from Biden and he's a very good interviewer and he's he say, more wonky. He's definitely more won't..

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