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Any and I think this week and it's a little complicated, too, I think and again is this a leverage play where we've got high schoolers who are taking final exams right now at the end of the quarter? Is that part of this where we don't want to do a lockout and in the high schoolers can finish their finals and they're trying to apply for schools and take p s A T s. It's just what is. What are we doing here? Feel in the dark. I hear you on that If you ever started a group before Ryan, are you? Is this a new thing for you? No. No way. I got the local school council meetings. If if that counts and West end in, But now we've We've never done anything like this. But you know it binds parents together, You know times of crisis and you look to your community toe bind together and try to find a sense of community and And voice frustration and then put it into action. And again. I'm I'm constantly You know, Florida and Just impressed with, you know some of the willpower that these parents have have shown throughout this this this time, right, making some incredibly difficult decisions for their families. And somehow still willing toe to take a really good tone and try to find you know the optimistic side in the light at the end of the tunnel it this side, So that's the goal here is to how do we take this frustration that parents feel And how do we message that in a very positive way so that our leaders can listen and get past the political fighting that they're going through right now and the Webbers that they're exerting on each other. I wish you all the all the luck in the world and achieving that. And for all the parents, you know, Look, we were feeling for you and the kids to write the ones the kids air out there to just sort of wondering, too. They they internalized some of this and just it's It's a tough time. Ryan. If people want to join your group or find out more about it, how did they? How did they find you and what you're doing? Yeah, You can find us at Chicago parents on Twitter and then you can also email us at Chicago parents Collective female back, Tom, where they're going to do some more events We got snowed out on Sunday with a foot of snow was a little too much for our group. But, yeah, reach out. Find us on Facebook, Social media and Your voice is heard. Yep. Thank you, Ryan. Thanks for calling into good luck with everything. Chicago parents collective. I talk to you soon. That's Ryan Griffin. He started Chicago Parents collective. If you want to join, you just heard how you could do it. It's 3 47. We've got to check the roads now with Mary Vandeveld. Upon on the Kennedy About a half hour out to the airport. 35 coming in from O'Hare. Very solid from Fullerton. Eisenhower. Sum up on delays.

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