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John and ken show john kobylt and ken chiampou kfi am six forty new to the website the voter guide for the june fifth twenty eighteen primary vote voters yours kfi am six forty dot com the john and ken page who go over it a bit in about an hour on the show to bring everybody up to date it's it's the statewide we've picked all the propositions prolonged with the statewide the beja racist statewide and then also by the way i guess we should have put up john whatever you do don't vote for kevin dilly own for us senate what you had there should be some absolute no vote no sanctuary vote yeah nothing for kevin de leon i right the toilet on on that run probably is find bags gonna get another six years likely but anyway we'll go through it all in about an hour here on the show we are going to talk with david spangler in just a moment david spangler lives in winnetka in the valley and he was featured in an article in the la times there are various people upset with the l a riverbed there's a there there there's the vagrants all over the place thanks loved their riverbed we've found that inventory we found that in santa ana and here we go with l a and the valley and there's a lot of sites to the riverbed but this one is well there's receipt a receipt of when that whole area in canoga park there's a there's a bike path in receipt along the riverbed that opened about six years ago and it was supposed to be a family place where you could walk or bike ride but now everybody's afraid to go out they don't want their children riding bikes alone because of all the vagrants in the crazy transients david spangler says about three years ago it was beautiful now there's junkies everywhere there's a neighborhood group they call it self receipt as river walkers that have organized and his banging on city hall in the local councilmen bob blumenfeld to do something about it let's get david spangler on and see what he sees david how are you today sir good fine well what was what was this bike path like three years ago and compare it to what you see today i'm actually from hollywood so i've seen a lot of things and i'm not really a.

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