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A drive in ceremony at the train station in Chappaqua. Social distancing was required. But then days later, it was revealed. A student who had recently traveled to Florida started showing symptoms of covert 19. Further testing confirmed the results and with the virus known to be so contagious, the dampening news as for others also positive that's ABC. Nuveen Deal, Evil reporting. Latest on the police chief of Wilmington, North Carolina. Now speaking out about firing four officers and not letting them resign for using racist and hate filled speech, chief Donnie Williams says it boils down to one thing. The color of a person's skin is not going to determine the color of their heart. You have white. Also, they're good officers. You have white officers. There are battles. You have black officers that good officers and you also have black officer. Their bail sisters, So the color your heart is more important to meet in the color skin. Princeton has removed the name of its former university president and 28th president of the United States from one of its schools. Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, has been renamed because of what the university calls his racist thinking and policies. NBC's Bob Brooks. The decision was made by the board of Trustees E they state, the decision process to potentially remove his name started back in 2015. That's when activists brought up Wilson's past policies to the university's attention. The school says he segregated the federal civil service after it had been racially integrated for decades. However, the board left Wilson's name on here and the Wilson residential college. But the board reconsidered their decision this past month after the killings of George Floyd Briana Taylor about armory in Ray's Shard, Brooks She's not so young and fresh anymore, but happily, this fine fellow of a rock star is on the mend. I'm Corwin Hate with another co Moh extra local music bands were alarmed when.

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