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Okay the Volusia county sheriff's department says interested at least twenty seven students last year who made threats against their schools there's police activity on the two ten it's in Rancho Cucamonga to ten west bound just after haven that activity has a three right lanes blocked for an unknown duration gotta get definitely jam from before the fifteenth overall it's gonna be so for you from riverside after care by this guy sponsored by injury attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com just follow the trouble spot on the four or five bad faith says southbound I just south of the one eighteen about Devonshire again another busy spot with the people back a lane changes stuff but it's just barely over to the shoulder so just be careful but after that four out today for this time of the morning it's much better than usual for four or five that is going to west LA disclose only add a victory Boulevard going up over the L. now little good news for the east bound one eighteen I'd be careful if you come away from rocky peak downhill I know it's real fast at desoto it's gonna get real slow the problem was that if you attempt and only about a minute ago we've watched California highway patrol clear something out of the car pulling couple because the driver's side over to the shoulder now after this there are fairly good drive with all lanes open over to the four oh five and the I. five injured in an accident is it's super woman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bock KFI this guy into already on the two ten west of Buenavista stop dump truck in the middle traffic lane get around that on either side meantime a slow drive from grand KFI in the sky helps get you there faster I'm robin banks after a day off the Dodgers will face the Toronto Blue Jays at seven with Clayton Kershaw on the mound at Dodger Stadium you can hear it all.

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