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You've got to be able to defend the pass. Gail gives them a big time quarterback someone who could be the number one in time. I think he's the pick for the denver. Broncos recreate the hokies there couple of former hokies corner rental fuller and dropping caleb farley. Who's he's big time. All right dallas cowboys. Were we thinking. Go dallas cowboys go together. Everybody wants him to fix tvs. I'm gonna go with elisa barbari tucker on it off as a line if you're going to pay debt. I got the big bucks you guys. Zeke elliott making big boats in amari cooper. Will you better make sure that you have the best offers a line that you can have your office can dominate various soccer. Play inside. he can play outside. I know they're the cowboys accountable. Tyron smith why not get an insurance policy in various echo. Who's also upgrade of what you have a kind of williams. They got somebody with inside outside. Versatility think zack martin. Think about how well that worked out for the cowboys you get another one there in vera. Tucker all right take me. Eleven through fifteen here bus. Okay we're rip these off the new york giants greg. So ed's defender from miami san francisco. Forty niners pat ser. Tan cornerback from alabama los angeles chargers cow pits tied in from florida. Thirteen yes minnesota. Vikings quitting fe as definitive for michigan and the new england patriots from penn state. All right all right. Well i'll tell you what man they tom. Let's just cancel the rest of the draft. Just take it off man. You're good you're done pets. Thirteen manners. Perfect using justin. Her wouldn't be excited to have them right. They're accurate he'd be excited. I think billion dollars out there. Yeah i don't think it's going to but i'd be excited. Never know you never know what other things yes. We'll see what happens. The the interesting thing is after free agency. Kenny golladay. he goes to the giants. I think that frees them up a little bit to do what you just had right there. Which is gregory. So you can go on the defensive side of the ball off you go. So i like that pick your. Let's go sixteen through twenty here. We go arizona cardinals. Jc horn quarterback from south carolina. Las vegas raiders. Jeremiah usa linebacker for notre dame miami dolphins nausea harris alabama the washington football team about devante smith why received from alabama to complete that trio and the bears christian. Darren shaw offensive tackle from genetic. Okay interesting man. I tell you what jaycee horn. He's got a lot of love around the league. There's been times where i thought man. Maybe some team in twenty would be to scoop him up at my. Have him in the teens. I think on my on my top fifty list. He's going to go to me. Jc horn much. Better than cj henderson. Who we saw go hi last year. I think he's better than aj. Terrell he's gonna. He's he's gone all right. Let's let's go ahead now. He's fast enough that it gives them a chance. And i think the only thing is the reason you put them with the gardens because there's a man to man team. I think he is at his best. When he doesn't really have to think and go he can just use his left lettuces them..

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