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Game. We're kind of empire. do you want to be now. You're telling me there's more than one kind of my friend. You have no idea. There's there's vampires and be tae an actual play podcast season two coming soon to pop culture cosmos and we're back with a piece of c- multi-diverse it's melinda bark house and me joe glass road. I'm here to just letting you know i'm here. I'm here welcome back. Wanted to ask you this belinda. I know it dropped today. And that is the uncharted trailer with mark. Mark and the funky bunch. Mark wahlberg and tom don't call me spiderman holland because spiderman is going to change as you know it after this last film in december it what he said. Pretty much paraphrasing there but it did drop something that was a project of his of something that assuming he played the game enjoyed the game. It's this is all this is great. You know everybody has been in the video game world said oh this is so cinematic it should be its own movie yes and now it is and now it's coming out in two thousand twenty two so i want to hear thoughts. The trailer drop today. This has been something. I've been talking about four five years now. Is this everything that you hoped. It would be as an uncharted fan. It's going to be a really great popcorn flick. There's another box quote right there for you. This worship will box growth yet right. That's the impression that i got. When i watched the trailer today. I was like this is going to be a great movie to kick back drink. Some sodas and have some popcorn maybe even some almond eminem's and just enjoy looking at pretty people on a big screen. It's going to be perfect for that. Orca i'm glad you're really new to it. I know december twenty eighteen jamie out there in the chat board. He actually relate to me that he's excited for it. This is something that before. You came on a previous upsets. When we first heard that tom. Han was going to take up the role of nathan drake in one of my two favorite all-time video game series as you can see. I've mass effect here right behind me. But if you cannot see and i'm going to show this to our video dance right there next to. It is my uncharted three sandy. Hey it's uncharted. Three for me is my all time favorite game. And so i've just going to say this that i was not pleased when tom holland took up the role of nathan drake and one of those areas. Because i think he's too young for the role at should be for a modern nathan. Drake add mentioned scott eastwood because he has the look and a little bit of the brashness. If you've seen that he's able to play a character like nathan drake does. He's very comedic. Thought that you should be given the chance. I just think that tom holland wasn't the right guy for playing nathan drake. I just think this is a big star. He wants to do it and he got his chance to do it..

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