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In higher prices for consumers what they paid for wireless service and cable service but the judge just wasn't buying it the judge felt that the government didn't have the data to prove that the merger would harm consumers so you're exactly right at and t gain contents powerhouse and remember it owns more than just time warner now it also direct tv at and t controls both the pipes the way you get content and the content itself then we're seeing the same thing right with the what looks like comcast trying to make a purchase for fox right the platform the delivery system and then the content provider tony i'm i'm old enough to remember when they broke up ma belle thirty forty years ago but in they thought because of antitrust and competition are we seeing kind of it being cyclical now we're now instead of having all these small mike wpro companies we're going to see the big conglomerates again yes slowly but surely company like at and t has bought up the pieces that were broken apart from old at and t and that's sort of overseeing with merger hearing you're right comcast is exploring its own bid for the assets of twenty first century fox comcast already owned and universal so they've seen the benefits of what happens when you owed so the way to get contents if people were the cable service and also the content itself definitely seen the domino's begin to fall and it's something that's falling into the hands the federal regulators bottom line for consumers with less competition will we see our bills go up that's the big question at and t says no they say that they're not looking to raise prices here the big issue with at and t of course was that it owning content like tnt or likes that it would make it more expensive for competing cable services to offer those programming to to their consumers and that that was passed on to customers in the forms of higher bills technology policy reporter for the washington post tony romm things so much for your time tony thanks for having.

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