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Jin twenty sports radio thirteen ten and ninety six seven fm the ticket it is country force some form or fashion of country force johnny walker walker and you li jordan is out this week yeah he's having some legal issues he and i you know not in the best of terms right now so we're we're taking a little time off from each other i've been at the last couple of weeks but back this week and he is out not sure exactly where maybe seattle i think is what i heard but in for ally this week is my good pal the moustachioed tim k captain trips is in the house having me i i'm glad you sept in i really appreciate it i enjoy working with you tim you're you're an interesting cat thank you i think it's totally positive totally positive if i didn't like you i would not have texted you earlier this week in in hounded you to come in and work for a couple of hours is true because i needed to i needed my star wars fix i knew eli would not want to spend any time on solo today so and with jasmine out of town we didn't get to do our preview show that we normally do for a new star wars movie so star wars going to get to try to match something in about fifteen minutes where we'll do a preview and it'll be it'll be spoiler free believe me both of us especially tim i'm a little more open to to reading stuff online or watching the trailers tim very and he does not want to do that and i salute you for that sir so i go dark i mean i'd say within three weeks leading up to a movie i unfaltering everything star wars related i don't wanna see anything that even even a little hint because i'm a detective tie and i will figure it out well i i looked at a little bit i looked at stuff that that kinda gave vague information i didn't get into any detail but.

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