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On paper that number one spider man look godless. The guy if you can afford it and it's awesome right. I mean i know this is his opposition. Be on the show ago to top five comments in grand junction colorado. Ac the point of this podcast like that's where you can get your books. It's at the corner. I and orchard so go there go see. Cbs go talking books. He likes to tell talk about things and Yeah there's a lot of stuff there that's really cool action figures stuff in boxes. Probably somewhere that People ordered from him like me that he is there. Somewhere like my my white white may wide ranging one poor lonely white ranger hidden the box. Summer said all. i know. There's all stack joe mcconnell for an. Did you see that the speaking news did you see that. He did a very uncover. For that garfield book he has heard issue one garfield homecoming actually just came out. I think last week A mini series Yes he he didn't varian cover of course something. That wasn't aware until it's too late. So so cool. I mean it has like awesome rad. Gover again i'll because josh key Well before that like this. If if you guys are keeping your eyes open. They're supposed to be a new mass release of a bunch of gi joes that we've complained about on here before that were really hard to find has was releasing some stuff select. Keep your eyes open for those and horde them because they're going to keep making them but like we've been able to find major blood in the wild which is cool will you were. I've seen on to You know flint and lady jaye cobra. Commander has been been start to see things on shelves which is awesome. But i mean. I've met like supposed to reissue. The baroness and firefly in the cobra. Viper in a cobra trooper beachhead at some point. Or i mean i know. I've seen it like canada toys. Arrests are getting. They have like millions of them. So there exist. That's crazy like tons of shells of the toys r. us in canada and fifty on the shelf of the baroness going for three hundred dollars. A pop at one point on ebay and now people like notre the street across for something to say. It's so ridic- is the guy so crazy like that. And i'm glad that the radio. Because i really liked the bareness of to have one churchill but like as far scout percent goes kinda lame but nanteuil on other like in other things to watch like that bad batch. Show the star bad batch of and watching our check that out. It's really good. Been really enjoying it. Great man loki is fantastic as well. So they're just there's just so much content there now like you know people say that. They're bored in their not trying hard enough. There's so many books coming out there. So many good like comic book themed shows. I mean there's just so much out there so you know go out there and invest in something go do something like by a comic book or you know paper livestream from abandoned like this. A lot of things garnered people dislike working events off so france support independent stuff again just comics. In general like the printed the printed thing is like this is something special about it. It's just like vinyl like it's just something special about being able to hold in your hand in the you and the smell touch like this. Yeah digital things are coming thing. This is not.

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