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So get on it fire. Tv. We'll do we'll do one more segment, and I'm going to skip knows holes for the weekend and give you break. And I'm going to do this is actually this is kind of interesting. This is a little crowd sourcing of movie crush ideas on future segments from you, all and let you sort of really truly run the show here on many crush. And I said we'll read them on the air. And then you and I will pick pick some of these for the future. So I need to know from you like, which one of these do you think we should do in the future? And we'll keep track of these in genuinely do these so Jordan Wheeler and also no if you submit for this, you can also get chided and have a say your idea stinks. Yeah. Okay. Of course is implicit in the whole interaction. Right. It'll be fun. Jordan. Wheeler says how about a segment where you try and badly. Explain the plot of a well-known movie or happens on the rag. It's like like our I have show. an episode. Yeah. You totally right. It's yeah. We should call it many crush. He says e g for Star Wars, you could say one family's constant drama and incessant religious fervor along with a good dollop of casual incest, leads to treason and the genocide of various native species. Now, that's pretty awesome. That's not how we do. It though. Try our best. That's good, Jordan. That is just what you wrote about Star Wars. That is very creative. They said dollop of incest, good, dollop of casual incest. That is good Jordan. I give you props for that. Yeah. We might use that. I don't know if I'm good enough to to write some point, though, we wouldn't do it like that. We would do it. How we do it. Well, sure be grasping at this plot gave us an example, which it was a good example. Yeah. But I think we I think we would know how to I like that everybody. Alright matai is Holtzman says this I don't know if this could be a segment, maybe, but I do like this. He said how many movies have their title within their dialogue? Like, the godfather someone actually says the godfather in that movie will there's actually says Star Wars. So there's this amazing YouTube collection with clips of movies where they make the movie end as soon as someone in the movie says the name of the movie could do you have an example that we play. Well, here's here's a here's to back to back. First one is drastic park in the second. One is Lord of the rings. You said you've got to see Rex. So you can. Dr. I don't. Jurassic? Thoughts. She'll be the fellowship of the..

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