Rudy Giuliani, Senate, President Trump discussed on Richard Eeds


Three thousand more American troops are being sent to the Middle East after U. S. drone strike killed Iran's top military commander the trump administration explains the move secretary of state Mike Pompeii says the US will provide intelligence that shows why taking out Iranian general Qassem Soleimani is justified that he was helping plan attacks on American interests in Iraq Americans and American affiliated facilities are urged to brace for possible reprisals not just in Iraq but the greater Middle East and possibly Africa even dissipated wide range of possible responses and we have done our level best to prepare for all of those possibilities a focal point of pro Iranian groups anger earlier this week the US embassy in Baghdad is anticipating new attempts to breach its walls and so while telling Americans to get out they're being told to stay away from the embassy Bob Costantini Washington their strike led to a spike in oil prices crude is up three percent today to sixty three dollars a barrel I'm in Kate's a judge has ruled an associate of Rudy Giuliani a go ahead and turn over documents to Congress correspondent Linda canyon on the request by left partners house intelligence committee its on material from harnesses iPhone during the impeachment proceedings harness work with guiliani to investigate the bindings on behalf of president trump and was arrested on campaign finance charges one the material comes late in the impeachment process it's still valuable in the event of any future impeachment enquiries and possibly in the Senate impeachment trial that is still pending one person is dead after an assailant went on a stabbing rampage in downtown Austin Texas today Austin police sergeant David Daniels says passers by sprung into action we don't recommend individuals get involved in a situation but they chose to do to do that and and it was it was helpful the suspect is in custody on Wall Street the Dow Jones industrial average down one hundred seventy eight points the nasdaq off forty seven I'm in Kate's firms year end sale through Tuesday to six hundred dollars.

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