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And the following season where they export a lot of like first season themes about Oliver skills in your killing possibly and and then just really took turn hasn't been hasn't been kind of a struggle to get through and not in like a you know turn it around after one season the waste log but just like when are they gonna end this which is sad because I I enjoyed the show so much earlier season yeah but I'm excited I mean I think I think the flashes similar. I think they went through. They went they went through some valleys but I felt last season was pretty good leading into a this big crisis season coming out. I haven't watched flash in two seasons. Flash is still pretty good. It's better flashes always better when it's light it. Is You know it's got to be the the comedic side to arrows gritty side when they tried to get when when Barry got depressed the show is not fun to watch when those scripts do grant gosden no favors in Barry Allen either but whenever Ralph is on screen. It's actually pretty good. I also love all versions of Harrison. Wells that Tom Cavanagh plays he's great and then my track record on super girls very spotty. I I haven't watched every episode I pretty much out on. I actually did end up watching it over the summer and it was like must be topical about trump agree. Ah The honestly the best show out of the Arrow Verse Spawn Shows Probably Legends Tomorrow Laura Most Fun. I Love I love. Let's bury with Constantine. I love it too. I'm very sad. Brand Ruth is leaving though yes US agree I don't. I don't really understand why they said they don't have anywhere to go with his character which just crazy me but I'm disappointed in that but that show is just so loopy. Iran distant so like giving up on what they tried to do in the first season lean into the ridiculousness that it's it's a lot defined as long as you have said about titans how you just have to the first episode might be thrown off and then you're like Oh. This is what they're doing so now that I've accepted. This is what they're doing into this. I feel like legends is the same way like that's a show where they can go and and made George Lucas and it's totally fine so johnny you're saying for your returning shows than the only ones you're really excited about our supernatural the good place it was the third one. I mean I'm I'm I'm excited for a lot of stuff that I watch you know or have watched. Those are the ones I was just most excited about where a supernatural in the good place for their final seasons I do watch a couple of procedures as I get older on actually really enjoy the Nathan fillion show the rookie out which barely barely got renewed but I I I really like it and you know again the way things are so fragmented now it's just really and I think a lot of actors are just like I can go do twelve episodes on FX or Netflix or something and get paid just as much not have this crazy work schedule like the twenty two episode things you know so. I think a lot on the quality is frankly moved away from the networks unfortunately other a few other shows that I watch that I watch on the networks pretty he regularly. I do enjoy the good doctor for some reason to bury watches. I kind of like how do you know he has autism instead of being curmudgeon addicts but but I kind of enjoy anyway honestly looking at the snow like most of the stuff. I'm excited to see come back is stuff. That's involved with the crisis crossover or you know the good place. I'm also getting older and I'm almost the shamefully excited about the final season of criminal minds which I've watched for ten years and I I also I watch watch Chicago. PD relatively religiously. I don't know why but I do and I like it. You can do a whole three hour. Block of Chicago based emergency correctly services if you wanted to try. I tried to do the whole thing. I tried to hold Chicago Dang but I don't I just never I could never really stick with and it's not even necessarily a generational thing because you know there's a lot of people even younger than us that will lead his love turning on USA am watching law and order. Svu reruns and I'm just don't really get it but you know I'm not I can't. I can't invested in procedural so I just can't do it. They they made a point this passage of the Chicago shows John of they had mercy hardy gay crossover into Chicago. PD so they're all on the same. I guess surprised by that or bet. Mariscal heartache will pretty much do anything at this point for predictable. I mean she's GonNa break. The gunsmoke record right and it's just insane so yeah. I can't think of anything alison super excited for for the fall. As far as network shows you know I'm sure there's a lot of streaming things things that are more exciting Franklin than some of the shows we talked about but I think crisis the most exciting thing by far honestly I'm GONNA check out. I'M GONNA check out products yeah. I'M GONNA check that out for for me for me this season this television season is all about sue. Bradford like I'm really excited for crisis. Hopefully it'll fuck it up too bad. I'm really excited excited to see Tom. Welling Brandon Ralph and the other dude the place superman all the same time. That'll be really fine but for me. This is all about supernatural natural like John I've been I've been watching supernatural since I was twenty five years old. I'm going to be forty one in two weeks. That's ridiculous. It's a ridiculous amount of time for John. Rachelle like supernatural and just like I know frank you never got into it or stuck with it but the evolution of that show from what it started as to what it is is nothing short of it's unreal Bennett lasted this long and that has been dependable. I'm really sad. I hope it goes to either way. I'm going to be really sad not to have the winchester's in my life anymore. I haven't end of the era kind of show like this. Since like smallville friends went off the Air Oslo is far as something that really was like a big part of my life for this large chunk of time. Maybe lost yeah and game of thrones. Maybe it hasn't been that long but this is like Smallville is the closest this thing I guess because it's ten years of John. Ratio friends was a very broad Sitcom comping but you're x-files something like that lasted such a long time. fifteen years is astonishing for a paranormal science fiction each show with the same two actors yeah. It's unbelievable all right well. I know I speak for bill. When I WANNA say Johnny. Thank you for coming on again in being a voice of reason on this the chaotic circus that is billing for pub culture hope you had a good time. How it's my pleasure man. I I always have a great time chatting with you guys for for hour and a half straight. It's exhausting soaked in sweat right now. Just worked marathon we have we we've talked before frank about. You should really stop furiously masturbating while we do this. I know I I you know it's even weirder when by dogs watching me through the door but the yeah you know it's funny so earlier today I I sent out a tweet because I got home from work and I sent got a tweet and I just asked like what's the first thing everybody does when they get home from work in there. I had multiple responses that said take my bra off okay I I just I guess I never i. Maybe I don't CARE I. I like a selfish person. I never realized like the BRA was such a a like uncomfortable. I gotta get this thing off kind of thing. I would've thought it'd be like high heels for froth-pak man whatever man women women really don't have it easy. Okay Bill Jesus Christ I mean I can't imagine walking around in high heels all day. They'll just seems ridiculous to me. I can and all right Jagger so so anyway Jamie thanks again man really appreciate it bill. You got anything else you want to say yeah. I know I'm all talked out all right so let's wrap it up then the usual. You know what I'd do is if if it ever deeper so I finished my binge of ten seasons of friends today. I want people in the interwebs. give me some suggestions for something to binge next. Prefer something funny because usually these are things that I watch go to sleep so I want suggestions on what what Sitcom preferably something fairly long running. I should go for next. Anybody hit us up hit me up. Does it have to be streaming or are you going to not get it could be anything it can be. As long as I can get it on. I mean I I have access to Netflix Hulu Amazon prime so wherever I can grab it. I like superstar alive. That's actually still running but and that's been on for like five or six years really. Maybe I'll check. That out happened for six years. I think this is it's like he's going into its fifth or sixth season the now it's going to his fifth season. Yeah Pretty well-thought-out too yeah. It's pretty good. I was thinking about rewatching chuck but I want. I want some suggestions from people in the world all right well. I'm sure sure I'm sure our loyal twitter basil will come to your aid bill as they always do so speaking of twitter check US OUT ON AT B. The F. E. Pop culture on twitter. Follow US Leica Sri Tweet US drop in say Hi Telescope Fuck Ourselves. you know this whole podcast thing. I'm really like enjoying the twitter like I'm having a lot of fun with it. I like talking to people so oh keep bringing the two guys and the other thing I wanted to point out. Was You know we we lost a member of the The podcast family today pod coin is no longer yeah so you know you're going to have to find it somewhere else. I know we got a we had a lot of listeners in subscribers on pod coin but you know hey we're on overcast ron cast box. We're on POD chaser. You know all three of those guys are pretty cool pretty cool APPs and of course all the big guys apple Google. Will you know stitcher you name it spotify by download one of those APPs. Come find US hang with us for a little bit. Let let us know what you think. Share with your friends and that's all I got so until then guys bill Johnny. Thank you love you. They will everybody ought to you by the odd Hans Croc..

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