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I'm Dennis Martin three quarters of a million Texans of filed for unemployment benefits in the last three weeks that's more than all of the unemployment claims made in the state of all of last year in fact the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas as its largest Surgeon unemployment claims Texas has ever seen Dallas city officials say parks will be closed for all Easter festivities this weekend to prevent further spread of cobit nineteen for the first time in the city's history all three hundred and ninety seven Dallas parks are closing the good news it's just for the weekend parks director John Jenkins says police and park Rangers will be monitoring the parks but our primary focus is to get voluntary compliance and and we have been successful when we do have staff out there Jenkins says typically Easter weekend is the busiest time of the year for city parks Clayton that'll KLIF news so number of DFW landmarks are participating in a national effort to pay tribute to health care workers the DFW sports commission says the star in Frisco AT and T. stadium and others will be lit blue tonight omni Dallas reunion tower American Airlines center AT&T headquarters one arts plaza bank of America building hanta building the Cotton Bowl stadium Monica Paul is encouraging anyone who takes pictures to post them to social media with the hashtag a light it blue well it's time for a look at five seventy K. L. I have a right now traffic Seoul years Michael Scott good news and bad news on the sleep eight twenty the accident that we've had is still there on the northbound side of Trinity it's all right shoulder but it's still going to back you up with onlookers from about Randall bill the other problem southbound on DC pay twenty eight highway two that right did clear and traffic is starting to unwind from highway one eighty three with KLIF right now traffic on Michael Scott then to five seventy K..

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