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Okay let's take the next listener phone call dr mitchell cocktails this is jack connor from long beach i heard sorry once the bill something like a nuclear reactor when you were a teenager in your garage and specifically that you had a number drive you around again hurts for it i was just wondering if it's possible the story on here thank you and came out wait three future take care great well i'm glad you like my book the future of humanity when i was in high school at the age of sixteen seventeen i built a two point three million electron volt beta sean electron accelerator in my mom's garage first of all i went to westinghouse and ain't got four hundred pounds of transformers steel which i then cut up and shaped in my high school machine shop then i went to varying associates said i got twenty two miles of copper wire and of course i had to wind this gigantic spoil of wire so when does the high school football field i put this gigantic spool of wire on the goalpost suspended from the goalpost and gave it to my father he's ain't grabbed the wire ran to the fifty yard line gave it to my mother my mother then took it at the fifty yard line ran to the goalposts and we wound twenty two miles wide on the high school football field well finally was ready it consumes six kilowatts of power and i'll tell you what happened when i turned it on after the break once again you are listening to.

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