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Cards though was draw cd couldn't just say stand up for or get out which is what the long memo boils down to week closed it in a bunch of draws as it this rash of floods hurricanes massacres and fires with not enough to occupy the media famously successful film producer harvey weinstein was finally added on charges of sexual harassment indeed of rape in the accusers have started a multiplier within the industry why things excesses were not really new at all my colleague and film critic michael medved explains now there's always been controversy regarding film and the film community but i can't remember a more disgraceful disturbing story then all of this continued expose about harvey weinstein i mean you cannot pick up any major publication there's a huge and thoroughly disgusting to call in the new yorker magazine threatened by roane pharaoh who you may remember he comes from his own very problematic background he supposed to be the son of a mere heroin woody allen but uh mia farrow says he's actually his son of mia farrow and frank sinatra who knows in any event he has written this long new yorker piece that describes in truly revolting detail uh some of the excesses of harvey weinstein assaulting raping molesting uh attacking young women who were dependent on him we're working for him in many cases going all the way back to the 1990s there's also another new york times article and this.

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