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That would mean that would mean that you junior pencil have to be engaged in this. These next eight episodes that happen in Flint posture. Well I just hope we get. I hope there's good songs in the final episode. Of course yes and I really. I really want there'd be some good wrap up stories like for Lance and like what he's GonNa do an like an angry I mean Catalina and Kira. I mean they're getting engaged and move to the forest and start their own little family fifty bears so is there is going to marry Casandra horse. And they're gonNA go live together. Adela wait for that. Was Not with. Cassandra she I wonder how about that. Where FIDEL GO? Probably just in the stable haven't taken taking no but how did she get back? She she just did with them. Because I don't think because I think they did go back again. I was very hot hot. Air Balloon was. Yeah really off another person. Oh my goodness I'm just I'm side. It's wrapping up. But I just hope that we get to Moussaoui episodes in it wraps up really well and and something we can really satisfied with the Indian for all the fans out there for sure. I'm sure it will be I guess that wraps things up for this speculation episode actually wait. I four do that. What episode you most excited for from these titles does not just one particularly hyped about. I WANNA obviously know about Cassandra. Like her big episode on the twenty sixth and then I also excited for her. Two Sisters Clemens really hoping the comes back because I really liked her character. I'm I mean CASSANDRA courses goes without saying but I'm kind of excited for once a handmaiden because there's a lot of possibilities with that and then also Pascal Dragon just because I'm curious what that is all about and yeah pass cows acute low guy. I'm interested to see him. Headlining his own episode. That wraps things up officially for now You can continue the conversation on twitter at Corona podcast by email conversations gene dot com or snail mail to corona conversations. Usa Santa just right. Carl conversations on post post office will know what the Cobb been with all of a sudden. We don't know how to enjoy in our podcast. Once she showed the love. Tell your friends about US issue so change? Boxcar Pastas Dragon. I'll be back at school by one so we will watch it together..

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