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And one of them eventually gets promoted to leading integration where he's bringing the different work streams together, and starts reconfiguring their whole approach around integration to follow an agile approach and then eventually. They get more involved earlier in the process, because at that naturally gravitates within gration person, essentially eventually lead diligence, and then the whole emanate process becomes very agile based where we're already seeing that happen, and I think this is the next step forward for annonay. Because we look at manufacturing, what propelled manufacturing industry was lean manufacturing innovation in the process will propel the. The software industry was innovation and their process with Agile and the next step is for emanate evolve their process. Yeah, that's good is good. You know case on, not just go back to just one step though is that you know it's just a little bit earlier on this whole notion of capability now we all understand least I think we understand what accountability means, but. I think the thing about agile and it. Somebody mentioned it. Book is a accountability. This combi becomes deeply personable units like you really are accountable for what you do, and the whole structure of the way it works sensitive. gets that whole kind ability than. Don't you think that potentially with you introduces? People are GonNa, say just to confronting you'll. You'll really are putting me on the spot here and that doesn't look good in front of other people. I don't like this I. Don't want to be made this accountable. Already signed that particular circumstance. I think that's a culture right because if you can evolve your culture to have a high level of accountability and transparency, that's what agile is all about. To to be able to have a stand up and know what everybody's priorities are, and what they're working towards, a really makes you feel part of a pro productive team. That's making great deal of progress and you. Everybody understands what their contributions equate to so I think there there isn't anything shy away from it. It does take a bit of getting accustomed to buy and the end of a a creates much better team, working environment just to have that level of transparency in hold, higher level accountability by making those responsibilities, and what the different tasks. Everyone's working on transparent. And I agree with you. The funny thing is and here's the paradox I think is a whole lot of people. Talk about accountable as he knew not. GonNa get anybody says all we need. You know Sunday to counter. Accountability, we need accountability. Everybody will say in say absolutely. We got to be accountable for everything. Would we do? Make sure we drive down the individuals, but it's the difference between what people say in what people do, and I found out of my experiences that people talk about accountability La until the actually put on the spot. And that's the very issue very confronting. To be phone, prices and be put on the spot to be made accountable and I.

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