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Sixteen and town he was nine and six here at Fenway park during the year, and as you probably know Bala game at all extremely high strong back. They tell us John McNamara even has a signal from the bench telling the canned cooling Ryan. Drive down the right feline hooking in honor of it's fair. It's gone. It's. Thanks. What would that do? Well, Austin Mets nineteen Eighty-six. That was the biggest homerun in that series by far the Mets were down. Oh and to a lost both games at home. Lenny lead off that third game with that home run by far the biggest home run maybe in the history of the bats. And it turns out in your book. You a brutal damn he said some of the things he said the racist railway in which he acted that. You're almost yourself for that saying anything then. Yes. Of course, you're complicit when you don't mentioned things that people say before. But I think that's what we get back to that fraternization. I also wrote this book when you realize all the things that are happening in the NFL, and how people are standing up or not standing up, and whatever your take is on that. I think that you know, that team was famous for saying inappropriate things at inappropriate times. I call out Lenny in my book for an inappropr-. Comment I heard of before this game. And and I think that, you know, visceral reaction that the Mook that Lenny's had I don't know where that comes from. Maybe it comes from. He's a changed person doesn't think like that anymore. But it is something that I did hear and and it's not something that's popped up popped in my head. It's not something that I've I've said boy this is going to sell a book. This is something that's been ruminating in my noodle for thirty seven years. I have had many opportunities to talk about that team and and other incidents and and held it not held it. But I'll put it in this book. And and it's resulted in a real rift, of course, between Lenny I he denies it. In fact, he's just what he said yesterday to Michael k cut twelve. As far as what he said. This is as you go out live. He's a better thing. Thoroughly losing every big game. Flat out lie. Lenny if you if you wearing into Ronnie right now, what did you say? What would you say? Thank God dropping like you said he'd pay will you plan on doing about this. Okay. Again, an publisher Siri action. Yeah. Well, I didn't see the show. But I I heard about it. And I certainly don't want to be dropped fifty seven years old. I don't think I can take a punch anymore as far as the threats of Bileny. I stand by what I said he stands by what he said. And we'll have to see where it goes. Well, there's so much more to the book. But I do want to bring that up because you know, wasn't someone who said about you you put it in there. Yeah. No. I I've got to live by what I've put in the book, and certainly he believes he did not. And and that's where the rift is and will remain. I'm sure what of America's finest color broadcasters now a successful author as well. As a great pitcher. I know I watched despite with Lenny Dykstra, just said a hundred and eight stitches in name of the book..

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