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Claims true and isn't that what can do these different parents holding onto the things they hold onto driving a truck holding onto a boot a dog tag whatever it might be what this song didn't describe is how paul monti son lost his life in june two thousand six jared's patrol came under fire from fifty enemy fighters one of the soldiers who served under him was wounded he needed help despite a blistering firefight jared responded to the call not once or twice but three times it was that last try that got him killed his father explained that his son was the kind of man who never gave up on people and always always tried to do the right thing quote the right thing was trying to save this young private who was alone out in the open injured and calling out for help his dad told reporters paul monti then described the grief what he felt why he held on to the truck the mementos and everything else people tell you time heals all well in this case it doesn't lose an apparent is one thing that's your pass but losing a child you've lost your future you don't have those grandkids to look forward to when those those special days are going to the ballpark together we're going fishing all of that that you envisioned is gone it's gone when you lose your child you lose the future the grief monte felt it's never going to go away and he'll drive that truck for as long as it runs probably longer the west i of the song it says it all the words are i've cussed prayed i've said goodbye i've shook my fist and ask god why these days when i'm missing you this much i drive your truck some yeah ios in every window soren memorial day the most sacred of all of our secular holidays gather your family around the smart tv or computer screen.

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