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Will welcome to the day are you ready to honour someone who's working his ass off for the holiday yes all right ambience of all fed xers out there we go to fedex tony online 21 good morning fetig how many powers earner in your truck right now right now today there's probably going to be about two hundred fifty packages as well so your eyes ladies and gentlemen at fedex thank you for moving us getting us from point a to point b you now excited i get when i see you can assume it's not it everybody one report and of course every year we thought we see that video where there's one fedex driver in in like wisconsin that throws a tv over a fence maybe that's mayor look those people here at the bad name absolutely not i i've been on his doctor thick here now i absolutely love what i do i love hearing that in fact i can't imagine what it's like visiting an actual fedex of center were at yields are moving the package surrounded preparing them for delivery and distribution that must be just a gargantuan undertaking it is greater either on earth crept replaced by your des moines we we have about thirty falcon factor the bay that come in who are facility which is nothing compared to fundamental margaret cities but it though logistics other defeatist on his mind boggling well we're all we're all loving you and of course don't get mad that i have to say of big ups to ever win over it ups in sure of course with u s p s and dhl and you know those places yet a lot of equipment on the drug for so long we get the no each other so there's not that few that a lot of people think period not stiff competition though i won't were doing the same job so let me ask.

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