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Just eat it don't don't just eat it who you table manners are crying in shame I love the straight rate but boy so Sarah Silverman is in this one too yeah you don't get to do the thing that everybody hates it makes fun of it and then be in the thing that's mocking the thing that you were in she can do anything she wants she did black face and she still has a career she so hot she can do what she could do no wrong let's just because you love her she's so funny and smart and hot and she let Louis C. K. beat it off in front of her she probably courage that she's a mmhm yeah she that's what gets lost in the whole Louis C. K. scandals that we forget that she not only can down his activity but she would allow her friend Louis to beat off in front of her now we don't know what she wore we don't know what she said we don't know she like rolled her eyes was like hurry it up Louis or issues like take your time you pasty red haired purvey so if you don't I bet she did he gets off on the making girls uncomfortable part right like that's that's part of the eroticism forum is knowing he's doing something that he shouldn't be doing and creating a girl out so I bet he had her act like she was creeped out about it so that it was harder for him you're probably right is Viking I still here play the game day is okay this I wasn't sure yeah I was making sure his roof and metal I know we were I just didn't know I forgot he was here to play the game I wasn't wasn't trying to rush you I just we were sorry Vikings guide I didn't know if you need to hear their body sorry about that all right no no John the producer will get I just want to make sure that I was on board it was going to get to the game so today's game Vikings guy is based on weird out it'll be over soon overhead ha ha ha ha you're saying it's easy it's weird al or originality I'm gonna play a little clip of a song and you're gonna tell me if it is the weird al version for the original version you with me yeah all right you ready I'm ready is this song the weird al or is it the originale here we go okay here we go.

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