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I'm melinda. Roeder the Rachel. Carson bridge will close tomorrow until next year vehicle and pedestrian traffic will be detoured onto the Andy Warhol bridge during the twenty three point three million dollar rehabilitation project. The bridge will have three wider lanes instead of the current four. When it reopens that's expected in the summer of twenty twenty a Plum school board member has resigned after posting what sun considered to be an anti Muslim message on social media. Brian was Naski reposted a remark about Muslims in congress on Facebook. He said it was accidentally reposted and has since been deleted the school board president called the post highly insensitive plans are in the works to transform the old Sears store at Ross park mall. Here's Katie radio's Shelby. Cassese president of the Ross township board of commissioners Steve core. Bell shared the plans on his face. Facebook page Tuesday with photos of what the mall has proposed for the former senior space. He tells Katie k radio proposing a demolition of the existing Sears space, and constructing a three story building there. And then also adjacent to the old Sears location. A second out parcel. That'll be a two story retail space redevelopment could include a movie theater fitness center relocation of the food court. The board will consider the plans at a public hearing scheduled for Monday at seven thirty Shelby Cassese NewsRadio ten twenty k the man accused of killing eleven people at the tree of life synagogue in October is scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning in federal court Robert Bowers faces sixty three charges in addition to the eleven killed in the massacre. Several others were injured including six police officers. Four of whom were shot, South Korea's foreign ministry has announced a new deal with the United States on how much soul should pay for the twenty eight thousand five hundred US troops on its soil. South Korean Foreign Minister can Kwong wa and US State Department official. Timothy beds said in a meeting in Seoul that the two allies have negotiated a deal that works for both of them. CBS's? Don, Kirk has more on that story. The US and South Korean negotiators signed an agreement for the south to pay more than nine hundred million dollars this year covering the cost of U S forces in Korea of eight point two percent from last year US negotiator Timothy bets. Seize the deal is vital for the US Korean alliance after giving up in ten rounds of talks on President Trump's initial demand for a one hundred percent increase in South Korea's contribution Virginia's governor says he will not step down, but has pledged to work at healing, the state's racial divide governor Ralph north amounts that he will stay in his position during a cabinet meeting. Even as calls mount for his Lieutenant governor to resign after two women accused Justin Fairfax of sexual assault. And after state attorney general Mark herring admitted to wearing black face at a college party in nineteen eighty the director at the center of politics for the university of Virginia. Larry Sabato says that there is no. Way to force north amount of office. If he's willing to endure the humiliation. But he tried to explain again, why he was sure that he was in the photo to begin with. And then sure he wasn't the next day. And once again, it failed to convince anybody who was really paying attention music's biggest night is upon us. The Grammy awards will honor the top albums and songs of the year. CBS news correspondent Steve Futterman. Previews the Grammy's for us. This is appropriately called music's biggest night, the Grammys or the music industry's top award. This will be the sixty first Grammy ceremony the host this year. Alicia Keys, more than eighty awards will be handed out. Most will be presented during a ceremony before the primetime telecast on CBS the major awards though, including record song in the album of the year will be announced on the primetime show. The Grammys are tonight at eight o'clock on CBS in Katy K sports. The penguins lost last night. Tampa Bay final score five to four they'll head to Philly tomorrow.

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