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He also jacked into a into a pod, like is he a Hugh z. human who who's interfacing in nature is the program. He's a program. Now if he's a program, then he loses because Neo can bend all all of the okay, bend the reality of the matrix. So then he can't win. Bruce Lee might have been so good that he would have gotten out of the program. He would escape the pro. Actually, that's true because he was a philosophy major Berkeley. So if he can use to make sure it make sure I'm not just minute. It's shit though. Does sound good? Right? I think you're right. You're white guy voice that sounded Right, right. right. Exactly. Berkeley, I think. No, that's that's. That's good. He could have it's possible that he could go, oh, I don't add choose to not be a program, and then he maybe that renders you human somehow. What about Jackie Chan? Jet Li. This much as it pains me to say this in the octagon I'm taking jet Li. I t a, here's said pain you because I love Jackie Chan is a showman and as a performer, I just I, here's the thing. I don't actually know because of the way that the way that they they give the energy they give off on camera Jackie's the clown. He's always on. He's always on defense jetties always the bad ass hero. So I'm assuming he's a better martial artist, but I don't know paulie bring out Jackie Chan. Okay. Did you take you take your ticket while he can't understand what I'm saying? Check this. If you're thinking about Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan, first of all, great, comedic timing, huge fan of like the old silent, master's herald Lloyd chaplain Buster Keaton. He used to take his England when he was learning English. He would learn it. He would learn it like it try to dissipate his accent from another Chinese person who had learned English that seems counterproductive. That's all I wanted to say. Okay. The movie is predator and it's in theaters today with Livia Mon, and sterling k. Brown. It's great to have you back. That's great. I love it. Destroy up here. I know you guys are all I know, and I, I'm always more calm on the show than why is that? I don't know. I think it's your aura, Dan. I think it's your own. I get on other shows. I get real frenetic, no pre interview. You just just walk in, walk in, sit down and have you know in that? Yeah. And then you just leave. Yeah. And then you are you okay? If I go. Like right now. Yeah, I'm gonna. I'm gonna be okay. I'm not okay, but I'll be okay, I appreciate that. I appreciate that him. The predator guys. Yeah, opens tonight. Yeah. Are you going to either going to theater? My, here's my wife's great. My wife goes, let's by just a block sixty tickets and just invite a whole bunch of family and friends. And then maybe you stand up at the beginning of the movie, which which nobody's asked me to. Down. I can't see. Jennifer, Lawrence movie. I'm only here because. The loud guy during the movie who tells you what's going to happen. I'm going to be. I should be my cousin, like my cousins are now. He owed his head out now. He'll rip Iskoe a lot watch this. What I say. What I say when I say that was that was always the movies at home. You're the old Richard Pryor jokin said somebody's got their head chopped off at falls on the steps. And there was a dude sitting, say, man, no sound like that. I'm sorry. He is Keegan, Michael key. He's kids k. k. k. actor not comedian anymore actor, who does comedy as we as we talk writer, producer and predator in theaters today we'll be back after this on the Dan Patrick show fellas this college football season..

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