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Good spot. It did. I never would have lurk in there for a second. Then paradox took drive my cars, artsy spot. And it's really a two man race. And even FanDuel, which incredibly has Oscar ads this year. Well, I think Dakota even more than king Richard took Belfast spot. That was the movie that in the fall when it was debuting. And I believe Belfast when the audience award at tiff, which is like a pretty clear an award the green book one. It's an award that usually indicates where the populist point of view is on a movie. And Belfast just never really picked up the speed that everyone thought it was going to. I think in September, there was a sense that it was power the dog versus Belfast all the way down. And for whatever reason, that movie didn't click. It is the only movie I believe. That hasn't streamed. Out of all of them. Even drive my car streaming on HBO Max, but Belfast is still not available on a streamer. You have to rent it. We'll power the dog's minus one 40 and coda is down to plus one O 5. Me and Kim on Sal bit on koda when it was plus 8 50. So what do you stand to make there? Well, plus 8 50. I stand to make more wager. You put down 10 million $10 million a piece. I want to talk about some of these odds. And you're really good at the Oscar post stuff. And we'll do that after the break. But before we do that, just quickly, so the Oscars really trying to change what they are and try to get more people and doing all these dome gimmicks and it just feels like a car crash in slow motion. Every piece of it, I haven't liked one thing I've read. I think they completely misunderstand what were some of the problems with the Oscars. I actually like the categories. I just think as we talked the last time you were on, like, they needed to add a couple of categories that add a populist flavor, like breakthrough performance. Best, best popcorn movie, or best big budget movie, whatever. Just a couple things where I'm like, oh, here's the category where.

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