CNN, Warner, Donald Trump discussed on Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter


Companies in braver oligarchs in favor get the benefits those who aren't are imprisoned or prosecuted and you could it's the flip side of that and it's quite serious the bazo supposed connection this amazon issue it calls to mind at and t and time warner time warner of course cnn's barrett company time warner is in the process of being bought by at and t but the justice department under president trump is suing to block the deal we've been through about a week of the trial so far and this is going to go on for several more weeks and then we'll see what the judge decides the question all along has been whether president trump's disdain for cnn is somehow a factor in the government's lawsuit and i think that's the issue raising michael napster he's cloud government issues i'm sorry i'm saying it cast a cloud over what the government is trying to do as in the mccabe example where you know you had an i report that had findings about andrew mccabe we haven't seen it yet but the fact that the president himself was attacking on twitter the deputy director of the fbi raise questions about whether the decision to fire him was done for legitimate reasons based on the i g findings or was be as a result of pressure from the president so any step similarly with jeff bezos and amazon any step the board of governors of the postal service or congress seeks to duh.

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