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The whole process will take you less than two minutes to accomplish. We'll look forward to welcoming you on to the big impact insiders support Welcome back to the big impact where we share interesting, uplifting and encouraging stories hosted by Bill Hobson. Ware talking with, Okay, hinges here on the big impact. That's her pen. Name given name is Laura Howe and Laura Kind of buttoning up the military service part of your life. You You had some medical issues. I think a spinal injury. I understand right that Took you out of the air, literally and out of helicopters, Anything that you can share with us about how that happened and how you're feeling now. Definitely. Definitely. Good question, Bill. So when I was flying helicopters in the civilian sector, we were joking about how I started to fly on a little tiny helicopters, little bubble mosquito helicopters. I had no problems. I'm a small framed person on five to on a very tall day, so I am relatively short and I definitely flunk every military Size requirement in existence. So when I got my degree, very blessed to get my degree from the university, North Dakota and aeronautics that pave my way to get again air quote Ahe waivers. Military waivers for my size because I was already kind of did was already helicopter pilot civilian commercially, So the military actually did me a favor. They waived my my size requirements. The problem with that was when I want you fly the military, the Blackhawk. Helicopter. Do you? Wait 60 is what would they call it? I was a little bit too short. So I'm gonna give you a really fun injury. To imagine. I think of a very short person, Maybe a midget trying to drive a car. You might not be able to reach the pedals and see over the dash at the same time. So Empire time I was flying. I was in a very twisted kind of contorted position trying to see above the dashboard of the helicopter. It's not that different from a vehicle actually is not that different from a car. So the entire time I was rather twisted when physically so when I would try and fly or land the strain was getting pretty great on my back. So I started noticing my spine wasn't a lot of pain. So I let it go for weeks and weeks and weeks until I couldn't I couldn't carry a backpack anymore. I couldn't safely fly. I kept having to Hand controls over. We mentioned how in the military in the army when you fly helicopters, you fly to person ships, so I'd always have to give the controls over to my co pilot. It's not very safe nor responsible way to be functioning as a pilot, so I knew when I went in to get checked out, I knew it might be the last time I was gonna fly. And it wass. They found hairline fractures in my l five off my spine and If you have fraction Shit in your spine. You can't fly anymore. So my wings were taken away and I have not flown since that day. But I do have dreams and plans to Sunday learn how to fly an airplane and fled it around myself without the vibrations of the helicopter. How much do you miss it between us, which means between everyone who's listening, So I appreciate everyone here for going through this journey with me. I I miss it terribly, and that's probably To carry it through the rest of my experiences. That's probably why I pushed so hard and everything else I do because I'm looking for that same amount of passion and love and exhilaration in everything that I apply myself to. So that's why I've done some some pretty. I guess off the wall things ever since, For example, I hiked immediately after I found out that I was injured. When I medically retired, that was a turbulent process, by the way, But when the military finally let me go, Three years later, I decided to take a six month hiatus and I hiked the Appalachian Trail from Maine down to Tennessee with my husky, just me and my dog I wanted I wanted space. I want the mental clarity to be ableto think in process. And fall back in love with the world around me kind of shed some of that the bad feelings of resentment and, um, and his reconnect, So I did that. The style the better. Half myself was in Afghanistan and I decided just disappear for five Think was 5.5 months, my dog and I hiked and witches backpack, we backpacked abolition trail, And that was the very first thing I did when I departed the military just to kind of re ground myself. You are free spirit you've got. You know if you're gonna do that, by yourself with Dog. Obviously you're not too timid about being out there solo and had a re calibrating life and as part of what we mentioned earlier being a very diverse resume. You also exercise that desire to put some thoughts and ideas and stuff on paper before my report, and so we told you that Laura's given name was Laura and how her pending was lk Kenji and she has just released the book of Called the O'Leary in chronicles. Part one off. I think I may be a three book serious Is that correct? That is correct. Yes, Kimber is the first of the leering Chronicles is going to be a trilogy. And once I complete the trilogy, I might even actually be more excited for the prequels. I have. Ah, three part prequel planned this well for the serious because it just grew. To be such a concrete world that it really does. I think it's going to take three books. You explain the entire backstory Tio this particular story. So is there a very familiar character in these books? That might be roughly five to in dealing with an injury? Or do you project yourself into the store? I would say yes and no, I'm sure That my subconscious is in my experiences. My passion. I think that transcends the book. Probably more than I realized. I did try and make the character a little bit different than myself. But with a lot of similarities, sleeping my middle name for the okay is Kimberly Kimber is name of my Main female lead. She she's the heroine of the book. Her mother is named Kimberly. So I kind of fused some of my questions with this giant big, beautiful world definitely fuse those questions in the book, But I did it kind of merging Kimber and Kimberly because Kimber another sneak peek. Kimber is a character with Grafted DNA. I'm very intrigued by science very intrigued by religion and governance and social issues coming of age, answering those questions that we all have about our lives and The government and just and how we fit in in this world. So Kimber is the lead again. But she is one of 23 a very small experimental group of humans with DNA. That has been spliced to make them a little bit more resilient, so they actually I would laugh and call them the super heroes. They're more that's probably again again. More things, probably transcendent realize she is virtually definitely build headfirst. And like I said, the better half was.

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