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You can't just ride around being average at something. And I think that's it's still the same. These days you need to be good at something unit. Be good at riding on the front in it climbing in sprint, and you need to do something as nothing so many people these days. So hard to stay in the job con. Lot of people can be rigid tips and the year, but being good for twenty is so difficult, and I think that's why a lot of people these days about to retire, especially this year in the sport. And what's up into is super difficult last year really was difficult year? Because obviously every now is quite a few teams stopped and lot of offensive ours. Friends revolve grown up bull. It's not it's not as though is every airbase unaccept- friends. We've really seen it since yesterday. That's under percent trick since time. We're gonna it's been like that. But people are shocked because it she makes you always have to prove yourself. Yes. So. Adam says you even come up with the goods you get another job. And that's along the shore. Really? And it's. Well, we just goes nuts. What Tim O once? It's over it's over and. I was looking at stop in Las year didn't set about schoolwork for Tim. I was Chaz. But when you start was it was it difficult. Did you did you look back in hate it? Or did you know what you were going to do? Resolve launching Tim was telling me, you know, he went through stages of when he didn't have a contract, and he drove to where Lear and things. So Toby tell him that story. So one year, I didn't think I was going to get a contract. I didn't know what to do. This was really before that coffee crazy for been evidenced by not say these mobile coffee, Espresso bars for the day. Drove to Milan news is about six, especially factories in Italy. So he's not on the door all of them to see if I could buy an Espresso Espresso machine start this great ideals today. And but then I got another contracts that didn't happen, but looking how big coffees become in the meantime, my shoulda shoulda isn't even a millionaire now, but no Tim now owns chair business. Don't you see if anyone in the market chairs, it's listening? Tim marriage chairs dot com. Is that what it is?.

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