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She says the budget includes millions of dollars for public schools, and fulfills, the promise to keep giving teachers pay raises plus. There's over one hundred thirty six million new dollars that can cover everything from classroom supplies to payroll, but not everyone is supportive Glendow kindergarten teacher. Kelly Fischer says more funding could have been allocated to the backward. I could use his disappointed that my students in our schools were not a top priority, Griselda zetino, KTAR news. Well, you now be allowed more days to buy and shoot off fireworks in Arizona. You could see them in Arizona skies on may fourth through sixth for Cinco de mayo. And on the nights of the Wally, the five day Hindu festival of lights in the fall. The legislature also approved adult snappers that are fused and give up a single pop in counties with half a million people, but the new law prohibits fireworks within a one mile radius on preserves parks and conservation, areas, as well as everywhere, with stage one fire restrictions Peterson. More KTAR news. Hackers are targeting public power outlets to get your data about. When you plug your phone into a computer a lot of times, you're given the option to access the information on the computer king Cobra dated doctors tells KTAR the best way to protect yourself is to deny access when charging impulsive but to avoid the issue altogether. He's just bringing a battery charger of your own or getting a device that blocks. Two way transmissions KTAR is on the economy, just in time for your summer road trip, a little bit of relief at the pump ABC's Alec stone has more finally gas prices are heading down after weeks of increases..

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