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Though i think the browns are going to be pretty good i think the browser browse first and foremost they have to learn how to win and it's kind of like the example always use you know you've been doing sports media thing for a long time your knowledge and information. He's really really good. But how do you take that and convey that to your audience. You probably started doing it. The first time you probably want as good as you are now. Even no you probably were as counted that then and so you had to learn how to use that talent to convey your message. What have you the same thing. They have all this town now. How did they take that talent balance and turn it into wins where they can learn how to win football games. That's gonna be the same thing and i think they'll be better. <hes> probably the second half of the season even when it may be a little bit of bang. I think that'd be better the second half and they're on the first that i'm really. I'm looking forward to them. I think they're they're such an interesting story this year. Booger mcfarland lund is the n._f._l. Bolanos s._p._n. With joe torre obviously they <hes> get their season going on. Let's make sure we have this exact backdate here monday september ninth. That is the traditional e._s._p._n. Doubleheader <hes> the tour mcfarland team has the texans at the saints and and then after that broncos <hes> raiders with the aforementioned louis riddick steve levy bob greasy booger. I wish you the best of luck this year here from monday night. Football you are correct. Schedule is really really good. <hes> and it's going to be <hes>. It's going to be really interesting to watch you and joe. Do your thing this year <hes> as as a two person <hes> as a two person team we've been talking about doing this podcast for a while and <hes> i appreciate you making the time. Thanks so much for joining me today in the sports media podcast john john richard manfred mann. Let it come back time all right back in the studio. Mike thanks to booger mcfarland for his time. Did you like these conversations. Previous are my previous podcast. Guests was gus johnson of fox sports discussing his career how he approaches college football all on the eve of this year's college football season as well as bruce feldman and stu mandel co host of <hes> their own podcast as well as my colleagues at the athletic. We did a little cultural roundtable both prior to that had gushing on e._s._p._n.'s n._b._a. Coverage in the future of <hes> the immediate future of women's sports coverage in u._s. before that don van van natta e._s._p._n. Chelsea jane's washington post moved from the nationals to covering comma harris's campaign and then just go through all the podcast again. If you're interested listed in this way to boxing roundtable couple of mike gaba germans pug meyer conrad thompson on his wrestling empire bobbly at the end of his e._s._p._n. Tenure teller wallman allman on <hes> e._s._p._n.'s <hes> soccer coverage global soccer coverage as well our thanks as always patrick antonetti thank you to chris corcoran orange spencer brown john mcdermott and the rest of the folks that cadence thirteen this is richard actual see again on the sports media with richard edge podcast.

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